Altcoins on November 11, 2021 — Secret (SCRT) down, IoTeX (IOTX) up!

Thu 11 Nov 2021 ▪ 14h06 ▪ 3 min read — by James Taylor

Today is Thursday, 11th November, and this is Cointribune’s Crypto analytics. You will learn about everything that’s been going on in the market, as well as what to expect next in our new article! If you’d like to read the previous instalment, please follow the link. Off we go!

Fear and Greed Index

The fear and greed index has tilted towards greed despite Bitcoin’s collapse. BTC went from $69,000 to $63,000, which is a significant fall, but it didn’t prevent the fear and greed index from moving into the extreme greed area. BTC’s high was quickly bought off and as a result, the day ended with a good number of purchases.

TOP 10 Altcoins

Top-10 altcoins all succumbed to Bitcoin’s pressure. When BTC falls, pretty much the whole market follows suit. When Bitcoin begins to grow, altcoins do everything they can to stay on their feet, and those that fail to do so continue to fall. And only when BTC remains flat can altcoins prove themselves.

After a difficult confrontation with the rest of the market, Solana (SOL) didn’t manage to defend its position on CoinMarketCap and lost it to Tether (USDT), therefore taking fifth place in the ranking.

The current market situation hit Cardano’s (ADA) the hardest, forcing it to step down from fourth to sixth place.

Most altcoins are now losing value. However, this only means that you have an additional opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. When the market calms down, all today’s losers will bring you profit.


IoTeX (IOTX) becomes the gainer of the day. This asset has brought its holders over 70% gains.

Secret (SCRT)

Secret (SCRT) becomes the loser of the day. This asset brought its holders over 11% loss.

Don’t forget about stop losses and don’t neglect risk management. The market is becoming difficult to predict. Traders are no longer unanimous in their decisions. And because of this, prices can move in either direction. Don’t forget about the whales. In any case, they will take advantage of the situation and fix the profit. This is what they might be doing right now. Do your research to secure your savings!

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