Australia to fight fake vax certificates with blockchain

Fri 13 Aug 2021 ▪ 11h51 ▪ 3 min de lecture - par Stephanie Guerrero

Vaccination against COVID-19 is gaining momentum all around the world, prompting a thriving black market for fake vaccination certificates to awaken. Australia appear to be among countries highly concerned about the forgeries.

Underground market thrives

Fake certificates in Australia are sold for as low as $13 (~£9), with sellers bundling them with all sorts of extra perks as the trade becomes increasingly competitive. Experts in Australia are calling for the use of blockchain, which they say is destined to be the one and only solution.

The Australian initiated its own probe, dipping into the world of fake vaccination certificates. The outlet cited some vendors who had reportedly sold more than 200 certificates for $120 (~£87). Moreover, they claimed to have had pre-orders from over 900 other customers.

“You’ll be the only one to know you’ve not been vaccinated,” follow some of the adverts. For a small additional fee, the vendors promise to log in falsified vaccination records into the National Immunisation Register.

Fake vax certificates vendors are flourishing not only in Australia, but also in the UK and the US. Check Point’s report showed there has been an exponential growth in the market. Telegram has become a major tool for sealing the deal, with some private chats having more than 450,000 members.

Non-trivial solutions to the problem 

Blockchain could become the solution to the problem, according to experts in Australia. Robert Potter, the founder of Internet 2.0 cybersecurity company, has urged Australian authorities to adopt a blockchain system to tackle the problem of fake certificates. 

“We can come up with a foolproof system that only we can use, but we actually need a global system that everyone can use. It would be the cryptographic equivalent of a hologram,” he stated.

The blockchain technology has already been applied to protect COVID-19 vaccination data in other countries. In Lesotho, BSV startup VXPASS is cooperating with the SESIU Fund to bring vaccine cards on-chain.

 “VXPASS is providing a replacement for the common paper COVID card with a secure, digital, patient-owned version,” said Zachary Weiner, the founder of VXPASS.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is also being proposed as a viable solutionin Australia. Australia’s Elas Digital has already submitted a report to the country’s Senate outlining the benefits of BSV.

Blockchain and medicine have been tied for a while. The technology proves to save time and boost data processing. Today, when a problem of fake vax certificates has popped up, everyone counts on blockchain once again.

Stephanie Guerrero

Consultante depuis 7 ans dans un grand cabinet de conseil, j'avais envie de me specialiser dans les nouvelles technologies, les cryptos sont venues à moi !


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