Credefi announces new partnership with Experian

Sat 22 Jan 2022 ▪ 10h19 ▪ 4 min read — by James Taylor

To further fuel its expansion, Credefi announces a groundbreaking collaboration that is sure to propel its growth. Credefi and Experian have finally formalised their bilateral cooperation. The alliance is far from being bland though, with many advantages to follow! It goes without saying that this partnership is the start of a long streak of innovation.

Le Partenariat inédit entre Credefi et Experian

What is Credefi?

DeFi opens up new prospects for crypto lovers. It focuses on the connection between crypto borrowers and lenders. The target audience is made up of small and medium-sized real-economy projects.

The reality is that these businesses may have difficulty obtaining loans from banking institutions. Compared to Tradfi with its high interest rates in proportion to loans, and a bear market that deals blow after blow to the DeFi sphere, Credefi seems to be a great alternative to an annual interest rate financing method.

This project focuses on decentralised loans with the maximum level of security for businesses.

Credefi experts have three things to offer to any potential client:

Different types of loans are classified into categories in the portfolio: the classification is based on the risks of the project in question, ranging from low to high risk. Each loan portfolio provides different lenders with a stable annual percentage yield (APY).

Peer-2-peer communication allows both the borrower and the lender to communicate effectively. Negotiations on transaction standards result in each borrower’s credit score. This credit is assigned by Credefi.

Trade finance also makes it easy to underwrite letters of credit or letters of guarantee. This is especially great for cross-country transfers.

Why partner with Experian?

Credefi only works with the best, hence the partnership with Experian. A first mover in the DeFi space has partnered with a traditional-finance-oriented company, Experian, which is also one of the world’s leading consumer credit reporting agencies.

Its database covers over a billion firms. What’s more, its client portfolio boasts customers from more than 40 countries.

The alliance with Experian makes it easy to check and adjust Credefi’s scoring. Both companies are working on a better protocol to enable open banking and integrate fintech APIs.

Credefi can now easily gain access to larger clients in the traditional banking sector, in addition to expanding its DeFi client portfolio. 

Key benefits of the partnership

Bridging the gap between different trading positions is known to have a positive effect on the economy.

Lender protection is carried out in accordance with three main criteria:

Absolute loan security made possible through the use of both crypto and traditional assets.

Improving transaction security

Professional assessment and rapid execution. All applications and borrowers are verified (via Experian)

Wide-scope visibility

This partnership strengthens a customer base that is no longer just digital, but also real. Accessibility to small and medium enterprises enhances the company’s reputation, but most importantly, this partnership saves your time and boosts the economy.

This partnership wishing to bridge the gap between the two financial sectors seems promising. Working with Experian, a company known all over the world, is definitely a win-win solution for Credefi. Since its inception, this company has been pushing the envelope and is set on doing so in the future. Besides, DeFi and TradFi brought together become strong drivers of business growth. Easy access to loans and their security is only one of many advantages of this partnership.

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