US election campaigns: Bitcoin enters the ring

From now on, as part of US electoral campaigns, it will be possible to make donations in cryptocurrencies. No, this is not a rumor, but rather information verified and confirmed by the NRCC, the National Republican Congressional Committee, who posted about the news on Twitter.

Donations in Bitcoin (BTC)

For US election campaigns, traditional donations by cheque or cash will no longer be the only ones allowed and accepted. Donors will also be able to make use of their digital currencies, too.

For now, the NRCC has indicated only one cryptocurrency for donors: Bitcoin (BTC). However, nothing is stopping them adding to this list, with new cryptocurrencies also made authorised digital currencies.

So, when do the donations start? On Twitter, the NRCC specified that the collection would start next Wednesday, and hopes to see any crypto donations send their fundraising “to the moon!”

The donation kitty gets bigger

At present, it is not clear how the donation system will work. However, one piece of information remains certain: the NRCC will use BitPay. Thanks to this site, any crypto donations will be automatically converted into US dollars.

It is already clear that the NRCC will accept individual donations ranging from $1 to $10,000 per year. It goes without saying that this move is sure to boost the pool of donations received.

Of course, security remains the order of the day, even when it comes to making an online donation using Bitcoin. The NRCC announces that it will collect and secure the identification data of people who donate using cryptocurrencies.

It is clear that the NRCC’s initiative is practical, as it will generate more revenue. However, are there also political ambitions at stake? “This innovative technology will help provide Republicans the resources we need to succeed,” said NRCC President Tom Emmer.

Tom Emmer remains one of the most pro-crypto politicians in the states. Last year, he himself accepted crypto donations for his own campaign via BitPay.

Making donations in cryptocurrency is now becoming possible for election campaigns in the United States. The National Republican Congressional Committee has opened this up for all, provided that the donation is made between $1 and $10,000 via BitPay. In addition, its president, Tom Emmer, guarantees that donor data will be completely secure.

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