Dtravel (TRVL): the new Airbnb?

Has a new service to compete with Airbnb emerged? This is what the pro-crypto travel booking agency Travala.com suggests. The decentralised property rental service’s goal is to redefine “the broken relationship between hosts and guests created by existing centralized home-sharing platforms.”

Competition with Airbnb

Travala has partnered with former executives from various companies like Airbnb and Expedia to launch Dtravel, a decentralised holiday rental platform. Right now, Airbnb and Vrbo dominate the holiday rental market, so Travala’s new service will look to disrupt these sites.

Still, Travala brings a little extra. Its platform uses a decentralised financial system in order to facilitate smart contracts between guests and hosts. For the developers of this service, the multitude of problems stemming from centralised control over home-sharing platforms have resulted in high costs. Moreover, these problems have undermined the trusting relationship that should exist between guests and their hosts.

Travala has every chance of success, since platforms like Airbnb have paid the price for their badly-orchestrated policies. In the case of Airbnb, faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, the site needed to make a series of refunds to hosts who had booked their accommodation. However, not everyone was eligible: only those who had booked before a certain date were able to get refunds. So obviously, Airbnb’s decision wasn’t to everyone’s liking.

Dtravel launched at the opportune time

Dtravel has more than one trick in his bag. The site allows its users to make payments with its native token, TRVL. What’s more, to attract customers, it has found a perfect offer. It promises to distribute $35 million (~£23.05 million) in tokens to the first 100,000 registered hosts. The distribution will be on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and the Ethereum (ETH) network.

It is clear that the launch of the accommodation booking platform comes at the right time, since the covid situation is now easing up. Now, vaccinated travellers can travel safely to a number of different countries. In fact, airlines are hoping to reach a peak in travel this summer.

Dtravel was kick-startyed by $5 million (~£3.6 million) in fundraising from various firms, including Kenetic Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, DHVC, Plutus VC, GBV Capital, AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, LD Capital and NGC Ventures, as well as several other investors.

In order to repair “the broken relationship between hosts and guests” on accommodation booking platforms, Travala is bringing us Dtravel. The site offers users the new token TRVL. In addition, it relies on a blockchain system to secure users’ data. Airbnb and other booking sites now have a serious competitor!

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