Meta to provide crypto payments for US WhatsApp users

Thu 09 Dec 2021 ▪ 21h30 ▪ 3 min read — by Mary Anderson

Recently, the world-famous Facebook changed its name to Meta, reflecting its aim to introduce the latest technologies into operation. One of them is the implementation of its own cryptocurrency wallet within the framework of the company’s apps.

Meta to use the Novi wallet

Now, Meta is ready to implement cryptocurrency payments in WhatsApp using Novi crypto wallet. Meta is already actively testing new features.

It was announced by the head of NOVI Stephane Kasriel on his Twitter. His statement says that a limited number of people have been testing the new features for almost 6 weeks. Thus, Novi found out which of them are the most popular, and will focus on them in the future.

Meta to introduce crypto payments

This is the first Meta’s cryptocurrency initiative, however, before the rebranding, Facebook had already tried to introduce cryptocurrencies into its apps. Back in 2019, the company announced a project called Libra, aiming to create a stablecoin specifically for Facebook apps. However, this initiative has never come to fruition, since due to some regulatory obstacles, the project was closed.

However, even after this failure, Facebook did not abandon its ambitions to work with cryptocurrencies. As a result, the best solution that the company could come up with was rebranding, after which it declared its cryptocurrency aspirations.

This time Meta has more chances to succeed. This company has already gained some experience in this area by enabling payments through messengers, but soon it shut down this project. Now it is introducing this feature into one of the most popular messengers in the world.

Mary Anderson

I am sure that crypto assets are a new type of economy. We are at the origins of the crypto revolution. Right now, it is worth studying what cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are in order to make the most of this knowledge and these skills in the future.


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