Ripple (XRP) welcomes Sendi Young as EU Managing Director

Ripple, the Californian company behind XRP, announced on Wednesday, 30th June that it has hired Sendi Young as Managing Director or Europe.

A FinTech profile to develop the European Ripple market

Ripple has welcomed a fintech guru into its ranks. Sendi Young has a 15-year track record of experience in fintech, payment and financial advice.

Over the past five years, the young American financial prodigy has held leadership positions in strategy, bank-fintech partnerships and business development at Mastercard. Prior to joining Ripple, the young American held the position of global leader of the Fintech & Digital segment for Mastercard’s Data & Services business (the company’s real-time payment arm). Prior to that, she held senior positions at HSBC and AlixPartners.

Yet, despite this experience in the field of payments, Young said that she was not a fan of current financial infrastructure models.

She also added that she is a firm believer in blockchain and cryptography, which promises to be a game changer for, addressing its main inefficiencies. These technologies can make the global financial system fairer, more inclusive and more transparent, she argues

By entrusting Sendi Young as Managing Director for Europe, Ripple wants to develop and ensure the expansion of the company’s blockchain-based RippleNET network with European financial players.

More than a quarter of Ripple’s current customers are based in Europe, and the company’s European transactions increased by more than 250% against 2020 since the beginning of the year. For Ripple, it’s about meeting the demands of all the financial institutions, service providers and small businesses that are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies.

Asheesh Birla, Managing Director of RippleNET announced that “Sendi’s appointment represents a huge opportunity for our European operations.”

Representing the forefront of the FinTech sphere, Sendi Young’s appointment as head of Ripple’s European operations is expected to further support the development of the company’s operations on the continent.

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