Arianee to provide major luxury and fashion brands with NFTs

Tue 27 Jul 2021 ▪ 14h27 ▪ 4 min read — by Adrien Stefanini

Starting 21st July 2021, NFT developers have the option of using Arianee’s open-source communication layer for NFTs. This communication layer marks an important milestone in the NFT market evolution by systematising the relationship between brands and owners of NFTs. This promising technology is already being implemented by global brands such as Breitling, Vacheron Constantin and ba&sh.

Arianee helps trace branded products using blockchain

Arianee is a French project founded in 2017 (surely under the influence of French luxury brands), which aims to help brands develop a perpetual relationship of trust, respect and transparency with their customers. The Arianee protocol allows a luxury product to be associated with its unique NFT digital passport. This digital passport represents a secure, anonymous and transferable communication channel between branded products and their owners.

Thanks to the blockchain, Arianee offers a solution for brands in the form of a Saas platform, including a mobile-first approach allowing full use of the protocol. In March 2021, Arianee raised some £6.8 million to further develop the technology and thus satisfy the growing demand from fashion and luxury brands.

The Arianee protocol keeps close ties with the LUKSO project, which presents itself as the blockchain dedicated to the world of lifestyle. The co-founder of LUKSO (Fabian Vogelsteller) is advisor to Arianee, while Christian Jorge, founder of Arianee, is advisor to the LUKSO project (whose mainnet is to come in a few months). Of course, this is not investment advice, but could the LUKSO blockchain be chosen to implement the Arianee protocol? Could it be used by luxury brands?

Arianee blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital

Arianee intends to change the relationship between creators and consumers forever. The Arianee protocol enables brands and creators to give digital life to physical products, experiences and goods through NFTs. For example, you buy a pair of sneakers that are authenticated by Arianee. This means you can also get a digital version of these sneakers in the form of an NFT that your avatar can wear on the internet. We’ll be able to share our real-world experiences with our digital alter ego. Soon we will no longer speak of “physical” and “digital” but of “phygital”.

In this context, NFTs can offer a new form of engagement between creators, designers, brands and their communities. In the case of a physical item, this relationship can continue throughout the product’s lifetime and go beyond secondary market to solve the counterfeit problem. It is really the relationships between brands and consumers that will be changed and it is still difficult to imagine the effects.

Luc Jodet, Arianee’s co-founder, hopes that the private communication layer that Arianee has been building for the luxury and fashion industry over the last four years can be adopted by a wider audience. Jodet also mentioned the company can’t wait to see other developers’ and creators’ take on it.

With its new version, Arianee goes even further with a decentralised communication protocol. Luxury brands are the most interested in implementing this protocol in order to guarantee the authenticity of their products and become directly linked with their customers. A commercial revolution thanks to the blockchain? The only thing that’s missing is mass adoption.

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