Australia: Bitcoin (BTC) for the vaccinated

Sun 22 Aug 2021 ▪ 14h12 ▪ 3 min read — by Mary Anderson

In an attempt to spur the COVID-19 vaccination rates in Australia, a local millionaire promised to distribute a small amount of Bitcoin to everyone who gets vaccinated.

According to cryptopotato.com, Australian entrepreneur Fred Shebesta announced that he would give away A$5 (~£2.6) worth of Bitcoin to every local who has got vaccinated against COVID-19, and those who will do it in the future. Considering Australia’s population, he will have to give away about A$104 million (~£54.4 million) if everyone takes advantage of his offer.

“Get Vaxxed Baby, And Get Your Bitcoin”

Fred Shebesta, the co-founder of the financial comparison website Finder, shared his plans to distribute A$5 in Bitcoin to Australians who have been vaccinated against coronavirus since February. The entrepreneur assured that those who are yet to get vaccinated would also be able to get their money.

“I’ve had this crazy idea right now – I’ve never spoken about this. We’re going to give everyone in Australia who gets vaccinated $5 of Bitcoin. Get vaxxed baby, and get your Bitcoin baby as well.”

Shebesta made this statement during an interview with radio host Kyle Sandilands, who released a song “Get Vaxxed Baby” last month, convincing local residents to get vaccinated.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur explained that each person can apply for this offer only once. To get the money, people will have to download the Finder app and submit proof of vaccination. Once it’s done, the digital asset will pop up in their wallets.

At the moment, just under 50% of Australians over the age of 16 got at least one coronavirus vaccine dose. About 27% have been double-jabbed. The numbers could have been higher if it wasn’t for the problems with the supply chain and poor communication between the federal and local governments, which resulted in the lack of trust in vaccination. But if we suppose that the entire 20 million population of the country will get the shot, Shebesta will have to give away almost half of his fortune of A$216 million (~£112 million) to fulfil his promise.

Although some experts consider Bitcoin an unstable and risky asset, the generous millionaire recently predicted that its price will reach $255,000 by 2025. If this forecast comes true, holders will enjoy almost 600% gains.

Previously, we have covered the alleged distribution of fake vaccination passports in Australia. With that said, Fred Shebesta should also think about the ways of verifying people’s vaccination status.

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