Bitcoin (BTC) law critic arrested in El Salvador

Thu 02 Sep 2021 ▪ 8h36 ▪ 3 min read — by Mary Anderson

Yesterday morning, Mario Gomez, an IT specialist and the founder of Hackerspace San Salvador, was detained in El Salvador. He actively opposed the upcoming Bitcoin law. Mario’s lawyer claims that the arrest took place without a warrant.

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No warrant, no explanation

According to Bitcoin.com, representatives of the National Civil Police of El Salvador (PNC) said that the detention of Gomez is connected with the investigation of email phishing financial fraud. The Prosecutor General’s Office spokesman announced that they do not have detailed information since the case is completely under the control of the PNC.

Mario Gomez’s mother, who witnessed his arrest, said that after stopping their car the police ordered her son to get out and follow them. Neither did the policemen show a warrant, nor did they explain the reason for the detention but threatened to handcuff Gomez if he disobeyed. Gomez’s mother added that her son’s mobile phone was taken away immediately.

Could it be his criticism?

Otto Flores, Gomez’s lawyer, later told the press that his client was not arrested but was under investigation. He said that shortly after the arrest, his client was released and taken home. The lawyer added, “They do not want to tell us which unit of the Prosecutor’s Office is processing the charges.”

The arrest could be connected with the recent activities of Mario Gomez. He openly criticized the decision of Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, to make Bitcoin a legal tender. At the same time, the IT specialist pointed out the shortcomings of the law that is to come into force on 7th September.

Renata Avila, the co-founder of the international organization Progressive International, stressed that Gomez did not oppose BTC but only pointed out the shortcomings of the upcoming law. 

Find out more about the adoption of Bitcoin by El Salvador, this pivotal event in crypto history. Gomez is not its only opposer: Steve Hanke heavily criticised this “Crackpot Bitcoin Law”, and the people of El Salvador are already in the streets, protesting against it.

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