Blockchain: copyright management, aircraft maintenance and more!

The blockchain remains among the hottest trends in the world of financial, commercial and state organisations around the world. In this article we are going to look at the latest most interesting initiatives in this space.


Seafood manufacturer implements blockchain to track shipments

A Spanish seafood manufacturer Nueva Pescanova has announced a partnership with IBM to track its supply chain.

The time and place of harvest, delivery routes as well as other information about its products will be stored on the blockchain-based IBM Food Trust platform. The initiative will connect fishermen, processing plants and distributors, increasing the overall efficiency of the supply chain, while reducing risks of fraud. Ultimately, the end consumer gets to enjoy accurate, verifiable information about the products.

“We fish, grow, process and market in a sustainable manner. Through this ambitious project we want to offer our consumers all over the world rigorous and detailed information on the traceability of our seafood products,” said Ignacio González, CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group.

Linux Foundation Public Health Prepares COVID-19 World Passport

Linux Public Health Foundation spears the Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN), designed to create a global trusted registration protocol that will facilitate the evaluation of the various vaccination certificates issued by different countries.

With Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN) by LFPH, authorities will have access to a global database with all the necessary vaccine certificate information. GCCN will verify whether the “health passport” was issued by a recognised and accredited laboratory.

By 1st July, LFPH will issue certificates compatible across the EU and other countries. These documents will serve to verify vaccination status, test results or recovery from COVID-19.

South Korea’s most populous province, Kengido, has formed a consortium with the country’s leading telecommunications company, KT, to create the KT GIGA Chain BaaS blockchain platform for video content copyright management.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have switched to YouTube and other video platforms to promote their content and generate income. However, that brings up the issue of copyright, since content stealing leads to a partial loss of profits.

Developed by KT, GIGA Chain BaaS will ensure adherence to copyright. Video platforms will have access to information about content creators and will be able to quickly respond to requests to remove infringing videos.

The initiative will also turn popular artist performances into non-fungible tokens, through which the content creators will be able to receive royalties from views even on other people’s channels.

MOBI Automotive Alliance introduces new blockchain delivery tracking standards

The non-profit automotive alliance MOBI, in collaboration with IBM and car manufacturers such as Ford, Honda and Accenture, has introduced new standards for blockchain-based supply chain tracking, as reported by Ledger Insights.

Among the scenarios for using the common network, the working group has identified business process management, production control, financial calculations, tracking of supply of parts and management of their recall. The main goal is to increase the transparency of cooperation.

Low-cost airline Jeju Air will implement the blockchain for aircraft maintenance

South Korean airline Jeju Air has partnered with LG’s IT services subsidiary LG CNS to research blockchain solutions for the aviation industry.

The two companies are developing a join pilot project for aircraft maintenance.

The blockchain already has a variety of use cases. From traceability to storing medical records, this technology is only just getting warmed up. In the future, we may see hundreds of thousands of uses across all segments of the economy. What will this technology disrupt next?

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