Socios to launch Portuguese football team fan token

Socios platform will soon create tokens for Portuguese national football team fans. The digital collectibles are minted on the Chiliz blockchain.

$POR Fan Token to drive fan engagement

Great news for football team fans that have been expecting this collaboration for years  a blockchain-based sports platform Socios will launch fan tokens for the Portuguese national football team, also known as “The Selection” — A Seleção in Portuguese.

Digital collectibles for existing Portuguese token holders that support national football teams and clubs will be dropping on the Chiliz blockchain. They will allow token holders to vote in polls and earn special rewards.

“The launch of the $POR Fan Token will allow us to create new ways of reaching our supporters and interact with them in new and innovative ways”, said Portuguese Football Federation’s chief marketing officer Nuno Moura. “This will create new opportunities to engage fans with the Portuguese Team like never before, providing them with exclusive benefits, experiences and rewards”, he added.

Fan token sales generated more than $150 million

In recent years, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies have been working diligently to build partnerships with major names in sports. They are striving to sign agreements with sports franchises across Europe and the world. For example, earlier in June, the French Football Federation (FFF) announced it would launch official player NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

One more example: In the United States, Socias has partnered with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils.. The sheer number of sports club contracts the platform has entered allows it to enjoy a major position in the sector. The platform has reported the sales of all fan tokens to have generated more than $150 million (~£108.1 million) in 2021.

Soon, tokens will provide Portuguese football team fans with an opportunity to take part in different events and receive VIP rewards. All of this was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Socias and the Portuguese national football team.

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