Reserveum — a Constantly Growing Stablecoin that will be Launched in 2022

Fri 21 Jan 2022 ▪ 17h17 ▪ 3 min read — by The CoinTribune Team

RESERVEUM is an international analytical group that is working towards creating a protocol for a unique stablecoin that will grow in price with the world’s inflation pace or higher.

The project is unique not only for its idea but also for the way it is implemented. The Reserveum Analytical Group invites the general public to join the development team of the protocol and take part in making up the principles that would become the basement of future non-inflationary money. To do that, the developers even made a public call to the Reserveum community that is available here.

In the past 2021, the media wrote that back then all the functional nodes of RNC&I Protocol (Reserveum non-Custodial & Inflation Protocol) are tested with the help of the Tianhe-2A supercomputer.

In January 2022, in an open conference, a representative of the analytical group shared some details of the future protocol.

The future protocol will use a coin under the same name, Reserveum, and its genesis block will most likely be created in the autumn of 2022.

The Reserveum coin will be a so-called “wrapped token”. This means that for creating every new token it will be required to block a certain amount of another cryptocurrency on the Reserveum smart contract. Every next coin will require higher and higher amounts of crypto for blocking.

During its development, the coin will go through two ages. Age of hyperbolic growth and age of regulated growth.

At the hyperbolic growth age, users will be enjoying all the conditions for speculative income. At the age two, the age of regulated growth, the coin will gradually turn into a stablecoin that will grow in price according to the world’s inflation level.

The exact formula of the growth change speed is currently not disclosed. However, every month the Reserveum community is growing, it has now surpassed the level of five thousand active users.

You can see more about the life of the analytical group in the blog here:

Based on the materials from RESERVEUM.ORG

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