NFTs: Project Senpai

Kimitachi to tsukutteku story: read on for the story of Project Senpai, built by a community of Japanese anime fans who want to mint NFTs of their favourite shows.

Senpai, teach us about NFTs!

The growing popularity of anime is driving a demand for NFTs based on this form of Japanese animation. Project Senpai is meeting this demand by creating Chibi-style NFTs with anime characters, all while incorporating elements of decentralised finance (DeFi).

Based on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), the NFT ecosystem created by Project Senpai includes a native ERC-20 token SENPAI, the secondary token KOHAI, NFT ‘Waifus’, ERC-1155 anime cards, a staking mechanism, as well as physical watercolour paintings.

The NFTs collectibles and watercolour drawings created by Project Senpai are completely handmade. They are available in limited quantities.

The NFTs fall into four categories according to their rarity: Bronze (50 copies), Silver (25 copies), Gold (five copies) and Black (unique).

The creation of each NFT takes from 15 days to a month, and they are listed on OpenSea’s NFT marketplace.

Project Senpai’s NFTs collections have a fixed base price. Their price varies according to demand and will always remain above the base price.

Project Senpai plans to introduce special NFTs with a ‘limited-edition’ design for specific events. These NFTs can be won through contests or by exchanging other eligible NFTs.

Open or limited access

Users of the Project Senpai ecosystem can also earn rewards through other means. Firstly, they can earn unique Trading Card Game NFTs by staking their SENPAI. They can also stake SENPAI to yield farm KOHAI. KOHAI can be used to purchase certain NFTs reserved for this secondary token.

SENPAI holders can also become a member of Club Senpai. This is an exclusive Project Senpai community with access to exclusive events, where members can do several things:

  • Have a say in the governance of the project.
  • Win limited edition NFTs of their favourite character cosplaying as a cryptocurrency.
  • Earn higher rewards from staking.

Club Senpai members also receive access to unique NFTs collections that are not available on the open market or through other reward programmes.

Passion, nothing but passion: all it takes to create a community is an idea, an object or a character that a group of people can rally around. NFTs only have to tokenise this passion, and success is almost guaranteed.

Plus d’actions

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