Exclusive Interview: Artist Kojo Marfo Announces the Creation of an NFT Series

Thu 24 Mar 2022 ▪ 13h40 ▪ 8 min read — by Ian Henshaw

During a meeting with the artist Kojo Marfo, he announced the launch of an upcoming NFT project in April. The project will have an exclusive collaboration with the JD Malat Gallery.

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo, who took a detour in New York before settling down in London, is launching his own NFT collection. He was raised in the small town of Kwahu, which is four hours north of Accra (the capital of Ghana). As a young man, he fell in love with Pablo Picasso and the late artist is one of Kojo’s main sources of inspiration. Kojo also took inspiration from artifacts and masks. His NFT series will be minted during the month of April as part of a collaboration with the JD Malat Gallery. From this exclusive interview, we will learn more about Kojo and the members of his team. We will also discuss his vision for his NFT project, and the inspiration behind his artistic message.

Hello Kojo, can you tell us a bit about yourself and the message you convey through your works?

Through my work, I try to highlight social issues. I talk about society and bring different ideas and perspectives regarding the topic. It is my way of communicating with the world  – for me, art is a means of communication on a large scale.

How did you become an artist and what are your inspirations?

I was enormously inspired by Pablo Picasso; I appreciate his use of art as a way to raise awareness about social issues. Picasso was also a great collector of African art and he had the opportunity to mix African art with European art. He encouraged me to discover my own Ghanaian culture.

When I create, I like to mix the inspirations of European art with African art. Apart from Picasso, many European artists have influenced me – Fernand Léger, for example – who delivered such beauty through his use of colors. I was particularly fascinated by his quality of execution.

What are the major subjects that inspire your works?

Whether it’s current events or social issues, everything can inspire and influence my work. I also like to highlight what is going well – it is not always completely negative. Art is my way of making connections and interacting with people around the world.

Can you tell us about your encounter with the JD Malat Gallery?

During the lockdown, the JD Malat Gallery offered the opportunity to artists based in Great Britain to present their work for the chance to be staged in the gallery. This event led to more than 1,000 artists being able to present their works.

My work immediately caught their attention, and was remarked upon by all the patrons of the gallery. They enjoyed my approach and the way I had arranged the colors. Today, I am exclusively represented by the JD Malat Gallery.

Following exhibitions that took place in Turkey, Barcelona, ​​China, and in the United States (Miami), the next one will be in New York as part of a pop-up show.

What is your vision for the development of NFTs in the art world?

Society is evolving – nowadays everyone wants to participate in the NFT and cryptocurrency space. I plan to use NFT technology to reach new people – people who are looking to invest and be passionate about the art world. It is a new medium of communication for us artists.

The main idea behind the creation of this NFT collection, above all, is to create a new type of connection through the digital world.

In general, what is your view of the NFT phenomenon?

NFT technology is a new tool in the art world that helps connect the world. It is a movement that is likely to be long-lasting.

For the JD Malat Gallery, it is a way to explore new opportunities and go beyond existing limits. It offers the opportunity to build around communities and cross genders. There is also a part of mystery which lies in the development of this technology – its disruptive potential and complexity threatens to slow down adoption by the general public.

How do NFTs allow artists to showcase their creations?

The series of NFT I create will have a strong link with physical works; for me, it is a real way to bring art to life through technology. There will be a base of 250 characteristics which will be distributed using an algorithm which ensures each NFT in the collection is unique. It is exciting to think that the basis of my work – which is inspired by history and my Ghanaian origins – is being brought to life via a new technology. A technology that allows holders to have their own unique creations. It’s the start of a new adventure!

What are the characteristics of your NFT collection?

The NFT collection is based on three pillars:

1. The artistic vision

The fundamental objective is to increase the visibility of my works through new connections.

2. The charitable aspect

The second pillar is the charitable aspect. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to charity. For me, it is important to help children around the world or people who may be in precarious situations such as single mothers.

For us, the important thing is having full confidence in the charity we donate to so we can be certain that the donations reach the people we are trying to help.

3. Create a link between the real world and the digital world

The third and last pillar represents the ability that this collection has to create a connection between the real world and the digital world. Today it is very difficult, if not impossible, for the average person to buy one of my works due to how exclusive they are. Therefore, NFTs – thanks to the digital aspect they bring – are a fantastic way to make art accessible to a bigger community. NFTs also make it possible to reach a new audience; perhaps, an audience that has never visited an art gallery.

On which blockchain technologies will the NFTs be minted?

The NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain; this is the blockchain in which the majority of cryptocurrency investors are familiar and on which most decentralized applications are built.

Kojo, what message do you want to convey to future collectors?

There is always time to think, sit and reflect. I send a message of hope and understanding to all who need it in order to keep the path of faith. Art is able to help us in our journey.

Artist Kojo Marfo sends a strong message with the creation of his new NFT series. He is shaking up the art world by making it more accessible – and to share his strong message of hope to people worldwide. His NFTs are an opportunity to join a strong community filled with value thanks to his artistic vision, which is recognized by the entire traditional art world. To find out more about this project – which launches in April – follow the Twitter dedicated to the collection as it will have all the necessary information regarding the drop.

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