Interview with Gal Yosef following the release of his sold out collection Meta Eagle Club!

Tue 29 Mar 2022 ▪ 13h00 ▪ 6 min read — by Ian Henshaw

Prior to the launch of his collection, we had the opportunity to meet with the artist Gal Yosef. Following the success of the drop, we interviewed him again.

The successful Meta Eagle club NFT drop

Gal, can you tell us about the Meta Eagle Club drop? 

The public sale was held on February 9, 2022. It was a great success; the whole team was very happy with the drop as we sold out (12,000 NFTs) in just a few hours. We are in the process of achieving something very special – this is what makes our collection strong and what sets us apart. The team and I have been working night and day to bring this project to the moon, and we won’t stop until we get there.

Following the drop, how did the floor price evolve? 

After the mint, the floor price has increased significantly and only 5% of the collection was up for sale in the secondary market. But following our mint, the whole NFT market (and crypto market as well) took a hit and it has impacted all projects. Today the floor price is growing back up, and I’m excited to see where it will reach. Approximately 93% of the eagle holders are diamond hands, this makes the Eagles a very sought after collection.

We have been working on quality utilities for our community, and we are very happy to see their excitement as we reveal each step.

How will the Meta Eagle Club develop with the metaverse?

Can you tell us about your overall project and how it will play out regarding the metaverse? 

Meta Eagle Club is only the beginning of a very beautiful adventure. We will now create a real universe, the “Galyverse”. The Eagles will be evolving characters in the Galyverse (which inherits characteristics of the current concept of the Metaverse). Within this vast ecosystem, the Meta Eagle Club will have many uses and significant collaborations are coming. The objective is to create several categories of characters who will interact amongst one another in the Galyverse. The Eagles are the first type of avatar but there will be other characters who will also be integrated into the Galyverse.

What are some examples of upcoming events that Meta Eagle Club holders can look forward to?

The first event was held on March 15, in Eden Gallery at Soho, NYC. The event was a huge success! There were over 300 attendees, the majority of which were holders. The vibe was amazing and it was incredible to meet everyone.

Our next event will be held at The Setai Miami Beach on April 7, 2022. It will take place simultaneously with Bitcoin 2022, which is the world’s largest Bitcoin gathering featuring the industry’s top speakers, sponsors and guests. This event will be followed with an event in May, at Eden’s newest gallery in Dubai. The events are very exclusive and NFT holders get access to special privileges (such as airdrops, giveaways and more).

During our last interview, you told us about the progress of the Metaverse and the upcoming collaboration with a large, global company; can you tell us more?

Unfortunately, not yet. Everything is still confidential however everything is progressing well and I will say that we are working with one of the biggest tech companies in the world. 

Aside from this NFT project, the evolution of your artistic vision

Gal, before you became an NFT artist, you were well recognized for your physical works. Where are you now in your career?

A month ago, I moved to New York with my family and I just opened a studio in the Soho district. I plan on doing a world tour with multiple exhibitions in Dubai, New York, Las Vegas, and Israel. Holders of my various NFT collections will have exclusive access to attend these exhibits. 

Do you see positive synergies between your digital works and your physical works?

Yes, since the success of my most recent NFT drop, the value of my physical work is consistently rising. Today, there are only a few of my pieces in the market but there is a lot of demand. 

Are you currently creating physical pieces as well?

I have just finished creating my newest ultra exclusive physical pieces – monumental sculptures – of which there will only be 10 copies. These physical pieces will be more exclusive than the previous physical pieces I have created.

At some point, will your NFT HODLers be able to benefit from your physical works? 

Yes, some physical collections will only be accessible to NFT holders. This is yet another utility that NFT holders get access to. 

The lucky holders of the Meta Eagles NFT project will be able to benefit from a lot of uses in the metaverse and in the physical world (with the upcoming exhibitions of Gal Yosef around the world). Don’t miss tonight’s collection reveal!

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