Mila Kunis launches a crypto project dedicated to cats

Is the field of cryptocurrency only for men? The answer is supposed to be ‘No’, but the actress Mila Kunis has noticed it actually is. She has done a deep dive into it, spending several weeks enriching her knowledge in the field to finally understand that cryptocurrencies are mostly popular among men. She then conducted an in-depth research, through which she managed to find two women who knew a thing or two about it. To address the imbalance, Mila has decided to launch a new project.

“A very masculine area”

The pandemic period has been one of the most difficult for a lot of people. Forget the economic crisis it entailed, it has also been a period of drastic personal changes. Like Mila Kunis’ turn to the world of cryptocurrency.

True to her new passion, Mila Kunis had been searching the web for weeks to learn more about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She says the deeper she delved into the world of cryptocurrency, the more male-dominated this world seemed to her. In fact, there were only a few women who could explain advanced-level things to her.

“I felt like it was a very masculine area — like everybody that I knew that knew anything about it at the time was always a man,” explained the actress. Although, she admits having met “two incredibly smart women” who knew “everything about it.”

Mila did not want to reveal the identity of these women and only mentioned they were behind the Libra (now Diem) project. Having learnt a lot about cryptocurrencies from them, Mila is now ready to launch a new NFT project named Stoner Cats.

The Stoner Cats project and what is it about

The project is a collaboration between Mila Kunis, Mack Flavelle (CryptoKitties), and Jonathan Howard (CryptoPoops). The actress describes it as an opportunity for any cryptocurrency user to buy NFTs. The special point about Mila’s NFTs is that they feature images of cats smoking marijuana. The token also gives access to a relaxing “five-minute long piece of entertainment”.

“Everybody just did [the project] because they thought that it was different and fun and we all wanted to do it for the right reasons,” said Mila Kunis, adding that this “brings ownership of content back to the artist and cuts out the middleman”.

The price of the tokens are not yet listed. Still, Stoner Cats will probably generate high profits, as Cara Delevigne also hoped with her NFTs.

Mila Kunis believes that the area of cryptocurrency is represented exclusively by men. In an effort to change the landscape, she announces the launch of her Stoner Cats project. The NFTs will be available from the beginning of July.

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