NFT of the Day: Jeff Han – “VR BøT 003”

Today is 3rd September, and you are reading another part of CoinTribune’s NFT Of The Day series, in which we share not necessarily the most trending works of digital art, but the most profound and underestimated ones.

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A few of words on NFT of the Day

In this series we draw your attention to artists who fully devote themselves to their creations. We don’t aim to cover thousands of generic, algorithmically-generated collectable cards, which, despite being in demand among the community hooked on speculation and collecting, are a purely commercial product. 

Instead, our goal is to tell you about the other side of NFTs: the ideas that the artists put into their creations inspired by the possibilities of this technology.

Now, the NFT market is still at square one of its development. It is likely that once this area matures, the hype around NFTs will subside a little, and only original and meaningful creations will linger on.

The metaverse

Today we’d like to introduce you to a Twitter user known as Jeff Han and his work “VR BøT 003”.

“Metaverse – will have full of Bots, maybe all Bots. You wouldn’t be able to identify who’s human and who’s a bot. Can you feel a connection in the metaverse?”

In the description the author looks into what a metaverse is. Not the one that is a hypothetical set of all possible parallel universes — that’s a multiverse. Instead, Jeff refers to a utopian virtual world, invented by science fiction writers, free of cultural, social, economic or political problems of reality. A kind of virtual shelter where you can be anyone.

Real relationships in a fake world

Existence in the metaverse is akin to living in the real world but devoid of the disadvantages and limitations of the latter. Even death in the metaverse is not the same as death in the real world.

But if the space around you is made of zeroes and ones, is it possible to be completely sure that the person in front of you is really a human being and not a programme? Is there any value in the relationships between people in this world? And if there is, can we feel it?

It is the importance of real human relationships in a fake world, where absolutely everything may not be what it seems at first glance and thus falls into question.

Tradition meets the future

If you take a look at the execution of this artwork, it is impossible not to appreciate the choice of the main character, an animated Greek statue sporting VR devices. Traditional human values meet a utopian virtual world, in which they may be absolutely worthless.

We proudly announce “VR BøT 003” by Jeff Han the NFT of the day for the depth of the idea, the philosophical subtext and the brilliant execution in all respects.

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