NFT of the Day: KAF MOUNTAIN by ForsArt

Mon 20 Sep 2021 ▪ 16h36 ▪ 3 min read — by Mary Anderson

Today is 20th September, and here’s another part of CoinTribune’s NFT of the Day series with more not-too-trendy but deep and probably underestimated digital artworks that are fortunate enough to have taken the form of non-fungible tokens.

If you’d like to see what NFT was featured in the previous instalment click here. Here we go!


ForsArt, an artist from the Rarible platform, says, “According to the common understanding in primitive mythologies, the earth was created by taking this mountain, which is the mother of all land parts, as the center and separated from the sky with it. This mountain carries the sky like a pole that supports the tent and keeps the earth in balance”

In the looped video, we see a female face, perhaps, Mother Earth’s, inscribed on a mountain. The spinning pyramid is a symbol with many interpretations: fire in alchemy, the Sun, and the hierarchy of the universe. The pyramid also symbolises the earth, mountain, business, world centre, axis mundi, sacred mountains.

This is what makes art so alluring – the ability to interpret a piece in your own way.

There is another mysterious character in the picture: a figure in a dark cloak and hood, totally obscure. We don’t know the character’s story, but one thing is clear: the journey to the top was quite a feat, he or she has achieved a lot.

The NFT of today becomes KAF MOUNTAIN by ForsArt for its symbolism and mysteriousness. It has many secrets to reveal.

Make sure to let us know your thoughts!

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