US Space Force prepares its own NFTs for takeoff

“One small step for man, one giant leap for NFTs!” The United States Space Force (USSF) has launched a collection of Space NFTs on Ethernity Chain.  

A collection to mark a historic launch

The USSF has launched this collection to mark the launch of its fifth GPS III SV-05 satellite vehicle, dubbed the “Armstrong”.

The Armstrong is a spacecraft providing accurate global positioning and navigation systems to the military and civilians alike.

The USSF uses the names of its satellites to honor the great explorers of history – the previous GPS III satellites are called Vespucci, Magellan, Matthew Henson and Sacagawea respectively – and naming the SV-05 after one of the most iconic astronauts was an obvious step.

Following each launch, participating engineers and crew members receive official, custom-designed parts and badges directly related to the mission. The USSF looks to continue and share this tradition with a larger audience through this NFT collection.

“We can now put this launch and Neil Armstrong’s historic achievements on the immutable ledger and memorialize and tokenize it on an NFT that the public can participate in.”

Nick Rose, CEO of Ethernity Chain.

Patches and space suits: commemorative badges in NFT form

The NFTs offered for sale represent the satellite launch vehicle, space suits and other iconic images.

This collection includes:

  • A unique copy of the Armstrong Satellite (approx. £10,850)
  • 10 copies of the takeoff (approx. £940)
  • 25 copies of the space suits (approx. £615)
  • 75 copies of the space helmet (approx. £228)
  • 100 copies of the mission-exclusive commemorative coin (approx. £203)
  • 100 copies of the mission-exclusive patch (approx. £163)
  • 10,000 copies of the representation of satellites orbiting the earth (approx. £72)

NFTs in augmented reality

These NFTs are visible at full size in augmented reality thanks to the VueXr App. Happy buyers will actually be able to see their NFTs up close!

“This is a historic opportunity for the NFT and blockchain space to push the medium forward and commemorate a moment both technologically and futuristically.”

Nick Rose, CEO of Ethernity Chain

NFTs (almost) to the moon! This collection is the first one made by the USSF and will not be the last. Others will follow and allow everyone to hold a piece of space conquest in their crypto wallet! 

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