Swissborg: Earn up to €100 (£88) in Bitcoin (BTC) in Five Minutes

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Swissborg is a Swiss project that has already been around for a few years now. Between 7th December 2017 and 10th January 2018, Swissborg held their ICO, which bagged the company $52 million (~£38 million). Almost three years later, let’s revisit this project. Which promises did it keep? How far has the project come? In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions and show you how to earn between one and €100 (£88) worth of Bitcoin after signing up and making a few taps in the app!

The Project

Swissborg was created in 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. For around three years, the team behind this project has incessantly worked on bringing out efficient and easy to use products.

This is already the case with no less than two mobile apps:

  • Swissborg Wealth
  • Swissborg Community

The two apps have different functionalities, but they are nonetheless complementary. In addition, there is something that links them: the Swissborg token (CHSB).

The Swissborg team

Behind these projects, the company’s intention is clear: to make it easy to manage your money. Beyond ‘simple’, Swissborg wants to make this experience fun, educational and enjoyable.

In order to do this, the Swissborg team worked extensively on the UX of their ecosystem.

An ecosystem that is constantly growing

Swissborg Wealth App

The Swissborg Wealth App is the main app in the Swissborg ecosystem. It is used to manage your various cryptocurrencies.

This wallet now accepts the cryptocurrencies below, and in the future more will become available.

In addition, as you can see from the picture, the fees are transparent and very simple on the platform: 1% for a standard account, and nothing if you have a premium one. This is where CHSB comes in, but we’ll look at it in more detail later.

In addition to this transparency in the economic model and the low fees, this wallet stands out from the others thanks to another feature: market sentiment.

You can use this feature to get a feel for the market psychology before investing in a particular cryptocurrency.

Finally, the application has a roadmap that sets out the cryptocurrency indexes soon to be added!

Thanks to this app, everyone can easily build a diversified portfolio, without having to learn about the different cryptocurrencies beforehand. A real asset!

Swissborg Community App

The Swissborg Wealth App wallet is complemented by another app with different functionalities: the Swissborg Community App.

The latter has recently made a lot of noise for its very playful side. The application offers a great game that can actually earn you bitcoin, and all without risking any money!

So, what should you do to successfully get hold of this precious BTC? All you have to do is predict how the BTC price will change, by betting every day on whether it will rise or fall.

To play, you use points obtained directly in the app.

What about you? Do you think you can beat the community? Or even better, beat “Cyborg”, their predictor bot? The community has a 51% success rate since this game launched, while Cyborg boasts a 58% success rate.

The CHSB token

There is a common thread between the Wealth App and the Swissborg Community App: the famous Swissborg token!

The token makes it possible to eliminate fees on the Swissborg Wealth App. However, there is a catch: you will be asked to stake an amount of CHSB tokens for 365 days.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the strategy pays off when we take a look at the token metrics.

As of 15 July 2020, this token has earned 1,271 investors a premium account, generated savings of $700,000 in trading fees!

In addition, the Swissborg project has decided to burn a portion of its tokens when income is generated. By ‘burn’, we mean the destruction of these tokens.

This strategy is well-known and creates scarcity. This tactic is notably deployed by the giant Binance with its BNB token.

Swissborg thus reassures investors by giving their token value and room for improvement for those wishing to speculate on it.

Unique Functionalities

The Swissborg affiliate programme

Maybe you’ve heard of it on CoinTribune or over on Twitter or YouTube, but Swissborg recently launched an affiliate programme… a new one!

Rather than providing you with a % on the transaction costs of your referrals, or giving you a fixed amount per affiliate, they have decided to make this sponsorship fun!

So when you invite someone to the app, and they deposit the equivalent of €50 (£42) in the cryptocurrency of their choice, you and them will each win a scratchcard.

And this card can have a value between €1 and €100 … Enough to make you smile, no?

With this system, both the referrer and the referee are rewarded, which is a big plus!

The other strong point is that it does not require any effort from the referrer. You just need to transfer €50 of crypto from another wallet and you will get the precious scratchcard!

Finally, there is only one golden rule to follow: click this link to take advantage of the offer!

Save with the Smart Engine

Swissborg has developed a feature called Smart Engine that allows you to trade cryptocurrency at the best price.

So, rather than making a direct transfer from the starting cryptocurrency to the desired cryptocurrency, the Swissborg Wealth App checks between four exchanges to determine the best possible conversion rates!

In the example above, you can see that the Smart Engine has used no less than four exchanges in order to find you the best possible price of ether (ETH) against your BTC.

The system is really efficient and allows you to make precious savings… Remember the 1% fee on exchanges that we discussed above? Well, these are largely offset by the savings generated by the Smart Engine. Pretty cool isn’t it?

In summary, the Swissborg project has built an ecosystem for the personal management of your finances, and all in a fun, efficient way and through a pleasant interface. What we can say is that so far, that bet has paid off! Through fun and interesting affiliate campaigns, paired with features such as market sentiment and the Smart Engine, Swissborg is reshuffling the cards on what a cryptocurrency wallet is supposed to provide in 2020.

The CHSB token looks like it has attractive metrics for investors, and the numbers speak for themselves: the token recently entered the top 100 by market cap!

In addition, the upcoming arrival of cryptocurrency baskets to easily diversify your investment will continue to propel Swissborg as a next-generation wallet. The question now is: what are its competitors going to do to answer all of this? To take advantage of all these offers and try your luck to win up to 100 euros in bitcoin (BTC), click here!

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