DeHealth sold out all tokens in less than 2 hours

Wed 23 Feb 2022 ▪ 10h10 ▪ 5 min read — by Katharina Haas

The sale of HLT tokens from DeHealth, which started on February 21, 2022, was well received by the community – in less than 2 hours, the team confirmed that sales had ended at four IDO sites – Scaleswap, CyberFi, Lunapad, DAOSTARTER. A few minutes before the start of sales, it became clear that the coin is in demand.

Many analysts agree that DeHelth, which many first heard about last year, is very promising and strikingly different from dozens of other projects entering the market today. The community considered HLT tokens an ideal solution for diversifying investment risks in an unstable market – the coins were sold out very quickly.

On February 22, the coins were listed on PANCAKESWAP in the BNB/HLT pair, which further spurred community interest in the coin and became a good incentive for further growth of the token price. This listing will increase the ecosystem of the project.

What is DeHealth?

DeHealth HLT Network — “Ethereum” for health data and metaverse for healthcare. 

A web 3.0 protocol for medical big data interaction and next-generation metaverse that is revolutionizing worlds healthcare system 

More than 3 billion people are deprived of access to quality, affordable health care (UN report, large market of health products).

DeHealth is building digital infrastructure for healthcare and a transparent healthcare data market. The team has successfully launched a pilot project in Eastern Europe, a cloud-based medical web platform already trusted by 34,000+ doctors and more than 3,100,000+ users (patients).

On this basis, they launch the DeHealth HLT Network — a combination of DeFi protocol and blockchain protocol for storing, processing, checking and API-based distribution of medical data, as well as the HLT (health) cryptocurrency. The technology is based on both data sets and machine learning models.

DeHealth Principles

The creators of DeHealth are sure that the medical data that a person generates from birth is his intangible asset, which serves as the key not only to longevity and improving the quality of life, but also to improving well-being. Denis ZWEIG, co-owner of the DeHealth Foundation, emphasizes that through the use of AI and blockchain technology in the project, it was possible not only to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment of patients, but also to provide them with the opportunity to earn on their health by monetizing their own medical data.

DeHealth is a revolutionary healthcare solution that will enable people from developing countries to earn on their health. By leading a healthy lifestyle, following the doctor’s recommendations, inviting friends to the project and performing any other actions within the loyalty program, residents of, for example, Equatorial Guinea will receive DeHealth tokens, which they can then convert into platform services (paying for an app subscription, doctor services or buying vitamins). Moreover, depersonalized medical data can be sold for real money, – says Denis ZWEIG.

Despite the fact that healthcare is gradually being transformed, and modern technologies make it possible to turn such an area as medicine into an interesting, innovative and accessible sphere, global changes can occur all over the world and noticeable positive effects can occur as well.

Anna BONDARENKO, President of the international consortium “eHealth”, co-owner of the “DeHealth” Foundation:

– Right now we are creating an environment in which everyone can maintain their health, have access to the best international technologies and medicines, monitor their entire medical history and earn money from this activity.

The launch of HLT on PancakeSwap gave investors the opportunity to freely buy and sell a token on the exchange platform. PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange where transactions are not serviced by an intermediary. Instead, prices are determined based on supply and demand factors with the creation of “liquidity pools” that allow you to make quick and inexpensive transactions.

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