Fighting COVID-19: China, The Blockchain And Charity

Wed 27 Jan 2021 ▪ 21h11 ▪ 3 min read — by Zoé De La Roche

From now on, any entity wishing to participate in the fight against the coronavirus will now be able to get involved free of apprehension. Chinese startup, FUZAMEI, has rolled out ’33 Charity’, a blockchain-based, philanthropy-focused platform for data tracking and management. It is a shared network where businesses, organisations, including charities, can register, store and manage information on individuals. Millions of dollars have already been donated, and several other blockchain-based platforms have been designed to collect these donations to help coronavirus victims transparently and have them distributed fairly.

‘33 Charity’ to improve the social trust system

On 7th February, Chinese startup FUZAMEI released a press release to explain how 33 Charity, a blockchain-based, philanthropy-focused platform will be used to enroll, store and manage information on individuals.

With 33 Charity, donors and recipients alike can apply under their own name, while medical institutions can request certificates of authority through identity authentication agencies to obtain signatures.

These authority certificates will contain information about the entities and individuals, including their name, contact information, public key, and the certificate’s expiration date. They will therefore be used to verify identities and to link them to pairs of cryptographic keys with digital certificates.

Meanwhile, in addition to 33 Charity, FUZAMEI announced a contribution of 100,000 Chinese yuan (over £11,000) to fight the current coronavirus epidemic. Of that amount, the company spent 60,000 CNY (almost £7,000) on medical supplies.

The entire crypto and blockchain community working against COVID-19

33 Charity is certainly not the only contributor from the crypto/blockchain community fighting against the coronavirus epidemic.

Crypto exchange, Binance, has pledged to donate 10 million CNY, or £1.13m, to help fight the disease.

Krypital, a blockchain-based marketing services company has also launched a charitable donation effort to acquire medical supplies for Wuhan coronavirus victims. It also announced that it will create a blockchain-based donation system that will allow for better transparency and efficiency.

Hyperchain also revealed the launch of its blockchain-based platform that serves as a portal for donating medical supplies to support hospitals in central China.

All of this validates the effectiveness of blockchain technology to guarantee fairer and more equitable aid and distribution of charitable donations. Now this merit has been recognised by some of the world’s leading organisations, in particular the United Nations, the Red Cross and WWF.

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