Finder's experts predict Solana (SOL) to reach $1,100 by 2025

Thu 04 Nov 2021 ▪ 22h27 ▪ 3 min read — by Katie Donaldson

Finder, a product comparison website, has published a survey on price predictions for Solana. According to the Finder’s panelists, the cryptocurrency will hit the $235 mark by the end of the year and surpass the $1,100 level by the end of 2025.


High expectations

Finder has covered many different digital assets in the course of the year – now it’s Solana’s turn. 50 fintech and crypto experts were asked to make a forecast of the SOL’s future.

The crypto market saw Solana trading at $202 at the end of October, so if the cryptocurrency reaches $235 by the year’s end that would mean a 16% return. That actually does sound like a very reasonable increase since in the last month alone SOL has gained 43%.

The experts expect SOL to jump to $1,178 by 2025 and to $5,056 by 2030.

“Solana will be the most prominent alternative to Ethereum and Ethereum layer 2s in hosting decentralised finance (DeFi). This is a huge market to be captured and SOL price may reflect this,” commented Joshua Fraser, the co-founder of Origin Protocol.

The recent DDoS attack

When it comes to the competition between the Ethereum (ETH) network and the Solana proof-of-history (PoH) one, more than half of the Finder’s experts (51% to be exact) stated that SOL will win over the market despite the recent DDoS attack.

Around 26% don’t think that PoH will “give edge” over ETH, with 23% saying they are unsure.

“The DDoS attack on Solana exposed the fact that a centralised group of actors can pause the blockchain, something that is really not commensurate with my beliefs about what a decentralised blockchain should be. Who is to say that an authority cannot demand the same to be done?” said Keegan Francis, the global cryptocurrency editor at Finder.

Johannes Schweifer, the CEO of Coreledger AG, also commented on the attack, mentioning that the Ethereum network has experienced similar attacks before. “It went down in history as a hiccup. So will this past DDOS attack on Solana,” he said.

Finder’s experts are expecting the Solana token to continue its rally and rise to even greater heights than it already has. Year-to-date, SOL has increased by an astonishing 16,930% and is likely to continue surpassing all expectations.

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