NEAR Protocol: Hip-hop adopts NFTs and Bitcoin (BTC)

Tue 22 Jun 2021 ▪ 12h30 ▪ 4 min read — by Rudy Bauer

An inseparable part of American culture, hip-hop is now entering the crypto sphere. A collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with effigies of rappers who have defined generations will soon be available.

Honouring the old and encouraging the new

Their music has passed through generations and they have become timeless. We must pay tribute to them. It is in this logic that a collaboration was born between Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM), the near protocol blockchain platform and Ed Young, the co-founder of The Source magazine. Together, the three entities decided to create a collection of non-fungible tokens with the effigy of rappers who have marked the 70s to the present day.

The collection will be called ”NFT.HipHop” and will feature a total of 47 rap legends, including Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem and Eazy-E. The goal of this initiative is not only to honour artists, but also the 47th year of the hip-hop era. For Ed Young of The Source, the project is big and deserves special attention. For good reason, it is a way to reconnect with the origins of rap, while using cutting-edge technologies (I.E. NFTs).

Young said of the project, “Since its beginnings, hip-hop grew from the grassroots […] From hand-recording tapes one by one to sell to friends, to the block parties powered by electricity from street lamps, it was a collective creation of a culture and economy developed through the artist and fan working together.”

As an advocate of the NFT.HipHop project, Ed Young sees it as a way to restore the financial independence to emerging artists, cutting out the middleman between them and fans. In the long run, he believes it is the next generation of artists who will benefit the most from the new technology.

NEAR’s strengths

The ‘Hip-Hop Head’ NFTs will be auctioned daily until 24th July on the collection’s website. They can be purchased by credit card, crypto is not necessary. Why? For NEAR, it is a way of making the project more visible and accessible to the general public.

In addition, NEAR relies on its many strengths to attract a large audience. According to Peter DePaulo, head of NEAR’s product lab, “This marketplace highlights several of NEAR’s best features: end-user accessibility, a familiar Web 2-like user experience, inexpensive and easy NFT minting, and on-chain royalties that guarantee perpetual proceeds for creators.”

Who will be in charge of creating the illustrations for NFTs? Hip-hop illustrator André LeRoy Davis, whose work has appeared in The Source before.

Soon we will have NFTs featuring the best American rappers on the planet since the 1970s. The NFT.HipHop project, illustrated by André LeRoy Davis, is titanic. It promises to be thrilling and exhilarating, and we can definitely see that already!

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