NFT of the Day: Stefanie Grunwald - “Long Haul”

Mon 06 Sep 2021 ▪ 15h30 ▪ 5 min read — by Hugh Renolds

Today is September 6th and this is another part of the “NFT of the Day” column, in which we want to talk about not the most trending works of digital art, but possibly some of the deepest and most underrated ones.

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A foreword

NFT as a trend in contemporary art is an opportunity for an artist to use the help of the latest technology to share their work with the world as widely as possible. This has been rather successful, seeing how many new, previously little-known creators, appear all over the Internet, and before long find well-deserved love and recognition from fans all over the world.

An artist is someone who, with the help of their creations, can express their unique view on things, events, and the world as a whole. They help us reflect on deep philosophical matters such as the meaning of life. But also, thanks to the growing NFT market, it’s now possible for artists to share more personal, intimate things with the world. For example, the feeling of a road trip at night.

“Long Haul” by Stefanie Grunwald aka @moertel

Long Haul is a two-second 8-bit pixel animation that paints a calm and soothing scene of a late-night homecoming.

“An ode to night-drives, skies and city lights” is how Moertel herself described her work on her KnowOrigin page.

Her further description goes: “This was drawn over the course of several weeks between September and November 2020, trying to capture the magic of driving home late at night with the radio on, towards the faint city lights in the distance. Your forehead leaning on the window, your eyes following the street lights passing by…”

And we agree: she managed to do just that. The sense of anticipation and excitement conveyed in this GIF is extraordinary. The entire landscape seems to be holding its breath, waiting for the viewer to return to their hometown, to reunite with what they’ve been away from. To escape from the dark that is the road, and blend into the glimmering city lights, rekindling the cozy flame of home.

If you look at the work from the execution standpoint, you’ll notice the sheer level of detail that the animation boasts. The texture of the road, the dynamic lighting, the swaying of grass, the sense of depth and distance between the viewpoint and the city at the back… The lampposts zooming past, the flaming glow of the horizon, the alluring scattering of distant city lights rhyming with the stars, and the rear lights of the cars ahead.

The quality of this work is so high that in the first few seconds, you might not even think that what you’re seeing is made entirely of pixels.

That is our take on “Long Haul” by Stefanie Grunwald. There’s no denying that the author did a tremendous job capturing the feeling of a night ride back home. It’s remarkable how much detail and pure emotion went into conveying such a seemingly mundane idea.

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