GameDev and crypto: gaming giant Nexon to accept payments in DOGE and other cryptos

Thu 16 Dec 2021 ▪ 21h42 ▪ 3 min read — by Mary Anderson

Nexon America, a subsidiary of the South Korean gaming giant Nexon, has become a partner of the BitPay crypto processing centre to offer its customers the opportunity to make payments in Dogecoin and other digital assets.

Pay in crypto for in-game items

Nexon America has become a partner of the BitPay cryptocurrency payment platform. The purpose of the agreement is to create an opportunity for Nexon customers to conduct payment transactions in Dogecoin and several other cryptographic currencies.

According to, Nexon intends to accept crypto payments made for in-game purchases. BitPay CEO Steven Para, in turn, expects that this partnership will have a positive impact on the gaming experience:

“Our agreement with Nexon America to manage crypto payments for in-game items will deliver a great experience for players.”

Nexon and crypto

We also remind you that Nexon has already appeared on the cryptocurrency market earlier. Back this April, the gaming giant purchased Bitcoins, at an average cost of $58,000, for a total of $100 million (~£76 million). At the same time, Kenny Chang from Nexon America, states that the integration of crypto payments is in no way related to the interest in BTC of the gaming giant’s parent company.  

Crypto assets, NFTs, GameFi, and the Metaverse have become the main trends this year. The widespread use of the play-to-earn concept also added fuel to the fire. So, Nexon’s interest in this area can hardly be considered something unusual. 

However, we are still to see how the players will react to this innovation.

Recently, Ubisoft tried to make its debut in the digital asset market. The French gaming giant made an attempt to join the NFT industry but was forced to abandon its plans due to the negative reaction from the gaming community. Was this caused by the hatred of some gamers for the crypto world due to the serious increase in video card prices caused by mining? Or is it all the fault of a biased attitude towards Ubisoft itself, which is known for forcing players into in-game purchases? It is quite difficult to answer this question. However, Nexon, with its plans to integrate crypto payments, is walking on very thin ice. It is unlikely that such a service, in the end, will be at least somewhat in demand. However, this step may be nothing more than an attempt by the company to get hype from the trend that has been gaining popularity recently. 

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