Rich Dad Poor Dad Author invests in Ethereum (ETH)

Sun 26 Sep 2021 ▪ 11h22 ▪ 3 min read — by Hugh Renolds

Robert Kiyosaki, a multimillionaire author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, advised his readers to invest in Ethereum (ETH) before “the biggest crash in history.” Previously, the creator of the bestselling book encouraged people to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

Kiyosaki: “invest in crypto”

The businessman and author of the popular book published a tweet in which he made an extremely pessimistic forecast for the global financial markets, given the current state of US policy and the debt of Evergrande. In addition, Kiyosaki warned investors about the biggest crash in history and advised them to buy more Bitcoin, gold, and silver. According to the author, doing so will help you get through difficult times.

Kiyosaki is known for his aversion to fiat currencies due to their rampant inflation. Some time ago, he predicted a drop in the price of Bitcoin to $27,000 caused by the economic problems in the United States and offered to invest in it until the price rose higher. “I’m glad I bought Bitcoin. The next stop is $50k. The wave of institutional money will come in 2021. Buy while it’s less than $20,000. If you missed out on Bitcoin, buy silver… A bright future awaits gold, BTC and entrepreneurs,” Kiyosaki wrote.

“Stop arguing, start buying”

This week, the writer first mentioned Ethereum as an investment asset. However, Kiyosaki does not attach importance to any particular class. His desire is to avoid the collapse of the fiat and traditional monetary systems. He shared his feelings about the matter in March during a Defi podcast. The writer mentioned that he personally invested in Ethereum.

“Peter Schiff always argues about gold and silver, and Max Keizer objects, and I think: why are you guys arguing? Just buy as much cryptocurrency as you can right now. The government screwed up. We screwed up. Our entire economy is in ruins, and you are arguing about gold, silver, Bitcoin. Just buy something.”

In October last year, Kiyosaki announced that he did not invest in cryptocurrencies earlier since he didn’t understand their technical aspect. However, the author admitted that for the younger generation, they may be the best option for investment.

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