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“No More” - Lina Valentina’s NFT collection denounces domestic violence

Mon 09 May 2022 ▪ 7 min of reading ▪ by Ian H.

Today, Lina Valentina is the top feminist artist in New York and Los Angeles – her work is being purchased by numerous notable people. We had the opportunity to interview her, exclusively for Cointribune, as part of her announcement of her first, upcoming NFT series. The series carries a strong message for an important woman’s cause. “No More”, her NFT project was created to take advantage of the power that the Web3 ecosystem has; it was created to spread the message regarding the place women hold in this new technology. The message the artist Lina Valentina wants to deliver goes beyond the crypto sphere – she aspires, through this series, to denounce domestic violence which is still too prevalent today. 


About the artist 

Lina Valentina is an artist who has quickly become a staple in the New York and Los Angeles art scene. She made a name for herself by creating impactful art on walls from New York to Brooklyn. Today, her works are exhibited in the largest contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles. Her work is also found behind the covers of famous magazines like INKspired and GoodweekendMag. In 2018, she collaborated with Adidas on an exceptional exhibition held on Melrose Avenue. 

Lina Valentina uses painting and other mediums as a form of expression in order to encourage women to speak out against domestic violence. For example, a message we find in her paintings is that which depicts a woman’s mouth with an open zipper. Among other things, her work is inspired by Salvador Dali and the music she loves.

In some exhibitions, my works were sometimes misinterpreted, in the sense that they thought that the zipper was a sign to shut up. But it’s quite the opposite because if you look in detail, the zipper is open and the notches are reversed, which means that you can no longer close it.

In particular, Los Angeles stars are buying her works, such as the rapper Rick Ross, who recently purchased a representation of a luxury watch. In addition to that, her paintings have appeared in the famous Netflix series “Selling Sunset”, which highlights the exceptional villas of the Californian coast.


NFTs: a new medium for expression 

The NFT collection “No More” is a tribute to all women who are victims of violence and have decided to denounce it; “No More” is also created to provide courage to all women who are still silent while facing this horrific abuse. The collection will consist of 7,777 unique NFTs, with each NFT representing a female face – the artistic touch that made Lina Valentina famous (primarily the mouth and the open zipper). 

A notable NFT collection that puts a spotlight on the traction of women in this space is World of Women – the NFT collection which aims to highlight the work of women in the Web3 ecosystem. World of Women notably stood out with their presence in The Sandbox metaverse during the Alpha 2 season. Some significant American influencers have purchased NFTs from this collection, including Logan Paul, Alec Monopoly, and Gary Vee

Lina Valentina shared with us that she also had an NFT from the World of Women series that she bought for 8 ETH. Today, it’s her turn to propel the NFT collection “No More” as a way to propel the femist cause forward using the power of NFTs. 

When asked about her vision of NFTs in the USA, Lina Valentina reveals that the phenomenon is truly unavoidable on the other side of the Atlantic: “NFTs and art seem obvious, a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT sector. Unfortunately there are still too few female artists in the field, only 5%. The “No More” series also aims to encourage women to invest in this booming sector.

A roadmap and overview of utilities for NFT holders 

Lina Valentina presents several stages of development in order to engage a community around the series: 

  • The first is to create a digital gallery in the metaverse. This will act as a way to offer a new space in which works such as that of Lina Valentina and other artists who promote a beneficial cause can display their work. 
  • The second is to offer holders a way to present the works of art in the location they please. To support this, 300 lucky owners of  “No More” will have the chance to receive a digital frame worth $800. 
  • The third stage is to strengthen the link between Lina and the fans of her works. NFT owners can meet the artist at a special exhibition taking place at the Cool HeART Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s important to note that NFT holders will also be able to benefit from preferential prices on the physical works which will be exhibited. 
  • The fourth stage and certainly the most important is to promote the strong message delivered by the NFT collection. This is the charitable aspect of the NFT project. 10% of the income generated by the drop will be donated to the SafeHorizon association, which aims to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

A collection to follow closely

The NFT project “No More” has many of the characteristics of high-potential NFT projects. With numerous use cases, a strong message, and a renowned artist – all the elements are there to make this collection a success; “No More” is in line to become iconic like World of Women. Moreover, collaborations with famous personalities in this space are planned, even if the details remain confidential at the present moment.

In order to keep up to date with the latest information on the series, we highly recommend that you follow the social accounts of “No More” as well as those of Lina Valentina and the CoolheART.

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