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0xTitans Coding Race: A 2nd edition of the game to determine the top firm in the Web 3.0 industry

Fri 02 Jun 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Luc Jose A.
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The Web 3.0 World Cup is just around the corner. The 2023 edition of this coding race competition promises advancements compared to the previous edition, maintaining a high level of expectations.

Une capture d'écran du jeu 0xTitan

0xTitans season 2: Pushing the limits

The Web 3.0 World Cup is opening its doors once again, and this time it is aiming to surpass last year’s achievements with its second edition of the coding race competition called 0xTitans.

Firstly, in terms of participants. Unlike the previous edition, this year’s competition is expected to host at least 60 to 70 teams. Each team will represent an active firm in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Among them, we should expect teams from Starknet, ZkSync, AltLayer, Snapshot, Fantom, Kyber Network, ImmutableX, and Nethermind.

Secondly, in terms of community support. The 2023 edition of the Web 3.0 World Cup will engage not only the teams and the firms they represent but also their respective communities. That is why a “community war” is planned with the objective of determining the most engaged community in the development of a specific Web 3.0 platform.

Some of the teams running

Despite the uniqueness of each participant, the rules of the competition remain unchanged. Each round will feature three competitors or teams, represented by cars. These cars embody smart contracts, and each team’s challenge lies in devising and executing the most relevant winning strategy. This involves effectively managing allocated resources to cross the finish line first, defined as reaching position Y of 1000 or higher.

To achieve this goal, several tactics are allowed. Participants can use the tokens allocated at the beginning of the game or money to accelerate, launch projectiles, or acquire a shield, among other possibilities.

It is worth noting that this second edition of the Web 3.0 World Cup will be livestreamed on Twitch on Sunday, June 4th, at 12:00 UTC. The livestream will benefit from the technical expertise of top-level commentators, including a Chief Developer from Ledger.

Regarding additional details: The participants will compete in a Capture The Flag (CTF) event inspired by the F1/Mario Kart universe, where your car is a smart contract. Competitors will be able to use various resources such as bananas, shells, or a shield.

The objective of this “Web3 World Cup” is to determine the most successful web3 companies or communities.

To provide more context

Each match involves three cars (three competitors), with each car representing a smart contract for which a strategy must be devised before the race to win the game.

The winner is the first to reach the finish line, set at position Y of 1000 or higher.

Participants must carefully manage their resources to accelerate, shoot bullets, super-bullets, or acquire a shield. Each of these actions has a cost (which varies based on a particular mechanism -GDA-), and players start the game with a certain number of coins.

The “Web3 World Cup” is a unique event that merges the gaming universe with web3 technology. It represents a significant strategic challenge for participants, as they aim to showcase their skills in managing smart contracts. Do not miss this extraordinary competition, livestreamed on Sunday, June 4th, on Twitch!

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