Bitcoin (BTC) is the number one cryptocurrency on the market, whether you rank it by age or market value. Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is recognised as the ‘king’ of cryptocurrencies. Get the run-down here.

Diving into the Bitcoin (BTC) code: Halving

24 Jul. 2021 – 22h43 PM 12 min reading – by Clément Cauffet
The Halving event, which often signals the start of a bull run, is one of the keys to the success of the Bitcoin model. Halvin…

Bitcoin (BTC): back to $30,000

23 Jul. 2021 – 17h57 PM 5 min reading – by Nicolas Teterel
Bitcoin has fallen by 5% this week. Having shown its first drop below $30,000 in 4 weeks, it is now slowly stabilising. The cu…

Bitcoin (BTC) at $100k by the end of the year: is S2F model still valid?

8 Jul. 2021 – 23h05 PM 3 min reading – by Geoffrey Smith
It seems like PlanB, an independent Bitcoin analyst with 615,000 followers on Twitter, remains confident in his Stock-To-Flow …

How do I deploy my own Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network node?

5 Jul. 2021 – 14h28 PM 7 min reading – by Guillaume Moret Bailly
You’re hearing about Bitcoin (BTC) more and more often, and you’ve even invested into it, but you haven’t yet dived into the b…

Bitcoin (BTC): Elon Musk gets what he wanted

23 May. 2021 – 11h00 AM 8 min reading – by William Proctor
Bitcoin is down 40% from its ATH. Who is responsible for this bloodbath? Elon Musk. Rocketman’s betrayal even managed to overs…

Keep Your Bitcoins (BTC) Cool! What Is A Cold Wallet?

15 Feb. 2021 – 1h08 AM 6 min reading – by Sylvain Saurel
Having already talked about good practices managing email addresses and crypto exchanges, it’s time to move on! The long te…

What Is Bitcoin Core: The Original Wallet Created By Satoshi Nakamoto

15 Feb. 2021 – 1h06 AM 5 min reading – by Guillaume Moret Bailly
If you’ve been informing yourself about Bitcoin mining, you’ve certainly heard of Bitcoin Core. The open source software was f…

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) With Cash

15 Feb. 2021 – 1h04 AM 7 min reading – by William Proctor
Of all the ways to buy bitcoin, cash is probably the most appropriate for those wishing to avoid entering their banking detail…

Bitcoin (BTC) Beginner Trading Tips

15 Feb. 2021 – 1h01 AM 4 min reading – by CryptoKing
Trading bitcoin (BTC) may seem like a quick and easy way to earn money, but the reality is that it takes a hell of a lot of di…

The History Of Bitcoin: A Timeline

15 Feb. 2021 – 1h00 AM 12 min reading – by Nicolas Impellizzeri
Bitcoin is by far the most emblematic cryptocurrency. Although the idea of a digital currency dates back to well before they a…

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