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Coinbase down: Layer 2 vulnerability exposed!

Thu 07 Sep 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Fenelon L.
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On the night of September 5, the Coinbase Layer 2 “Base” protocol experienced its first major outage, lasting almost 45 minutes. Let’s analyze this event and its repercussions in the crypto world.

Base une solution de deuxieme couche crypto de Coinbase est en panne

Turbulence in the crypto sector: the unexpected Base outage and its repercussions

The crypto world witnessed a surprise on September 5: an unexpected outage of Coinbase’s Base chain, Ethereum’s Layer 2. The incident did not go unnoticed, sending shockwaves through users and developers alike.

According to data provided by Base Status, the malfunction, detected precisely at 21:36 UTC, hampered the generation of new blocks for almost 45 minutes. What caused the problem? A delay in production due to the need to “refresh” a section of the internal infrastructure.

In response to this situation, Coinbase stated that it had quickly implemented a patch enabling production to resume across the board. Although production has resumed, the Base team has maintained increased monitoring of the chain to anticipate any further anomalies.

Layer 2: Between technological promises and ongoing adjustments

The resonance of this incident within the crypto community highlights the current understanding of Layer 2 technologies. Matt Willemsen, from crypto education platform Collective Shift, pointed out that Ethereum Layer 2 networks don’t have the same robustness as Ethereum’s core network.

This idea is reinforced by a tweet, indicating that despite their innovative nature, Ethereum L2 solutions may involve risks and challenges that are as yet unknown.

Although Layer 2 technologies in the crypto world offer advantages, particularly in terms of scalability and reduced transaction costs, it is crucial to understand their specific features and inherent risks. The incident with Base has prompted us to approach these innovations with discernment and caution.

The shutdown of Coinbase’s Layer 2 “Base” network is a reminder of just how constantly evolving and sometimes unpredictable the field of cryptos can be. As Layer 2 solutions become more widespread, in-depth knowledge and continuous monitoring are imperative. By adopting this stance, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be able to express their full potential.

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