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Bitcoin is trading below $60,000: The crypto market is in the red

Wed 01 May 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.
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Bitcoin is once again playing with the nerves of its followers and detractors, flirting dangerously with the symbolic $60,000 mark. This recent fluctuation represents more than just an isolated financial dance. Indeed, it sets off a series of chain reactions in the crypto market, painting performance charts a bright red.

Bitcoin souffre

Corrections, Corrections, and More Corrections

The cyclical nature of Bitcoin is both its curse and its blessing. As Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision, points out, a 20% drop in the crypto realm is almost an annual ritual, which, far from destabilizing seasoned investors, is seen as a healthy correction.

But this time, the situation seems a bit more delicate. Bitcoin hasn’t just fallen; it has slid into precarious levels, triggering massive liquidations of long positions, to the tune of $96.5 million according to Coinglass.

Voices like that of Rekt Capital speak of an almost mystical approach, suggesting that each percentage loss brings Bitcoin closer to its “final floor.”

This cryptic optimism, mixed with mathematical realism, offers a ray of hope: the current drop could well be the prelude to a new historic high.

Thomas Fahrer, a visionary in the crypto space, spans the double-entry ledgers: a Bitcoin that could either melt to $40,000 or soar to $400,000. In this financial casino, bets are open, and the implications for the global market are monumental.

Beyond the Numbers: The Perfect Storm for Bitcoin

It’s not only in the labyrinth of charts that Bitcoin’s fate is being decided. Macroeconomic reality, with its tariff wars and the Fed’s unpredictable decisions, weaves an uncertain backdrop for the future of crypto.

Ben Simpson from Collective Shift points out this period of lull that could be the calm before a storm of increased volatility.

Despite the turbulence, certain technical signals, like the cup-and-handle pattern identified by Gally Sama, instill a cautious optimism. These technical indicators could presage a positive breakout, signaling a real trend reversal in the coming months.

The symbiotic link between Bitcoin and altcoins has never been more palpable. As the giant wobbles, its smaller brethren immediately feel the tremors, often amplified, causing a cascade of reactions that leaves no market player indifferent.

In this context, investors’ humor can sometimes appear dark, but as experts stress, in the grand casino of crypto, every fall could be the start of a new climb. So stay on the lookout, as the unpredictable and often irreverent market could hold surprises that might make even the most skeptical blush. In the meantime, Peter Brandt predicts $160,000 for a Bitcoin.

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