Bitcoin: The Rapid Rise Worries Charlie Munger

Mon 06 Nov 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.

The recent surge of Bitcoin has not left anyone indifferent. At a time when the major cryptocurrency is nearing unprecedented highs, Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman, Charlie Munger, shares his apprehensions.

Bitcoin rise

A Multifaceted Soaring

The trajectory of Bitcoin reflects a modern saga, punctuated by a recent and swift acceleration. The statistics speak volumes: a market capitalization soaring to $687 billion, driven by a price that has doubled since the beginning of the year.

The excitement surrounding Bitcoin is soaring. The reason? Hope for regulatory approval from the SEC on Bitcoin ETFs. Indeed, this marks an era of increasing acceptance and reignites investors’ interest.

Charlie Munger, an emblematic figure in traditional investing, didn’t hesitate to express his concerns. While acknowledging Bitcoin’s recent ascent, it sows doubt in his mind.

He recalls the economic fundamentals taught by Adam Smith and warns against adopting an “artificial currency” like Bitcoin that could shake the foundations of a proven financial system. His metaphor of a “stink bomb” thrown into a tried-and-true recipe illustrates his skepticism about the stability and longevity of this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin: A Strong Currency for an Advanced Civilization?

The debate about the nature and function of a strong currency has been at the heart of economic reflections for centuries. Munger highlights the importance of a robust currency in the transition from a hunter-gatherer society to an advanced civilization.

Munger thus questions the longevity of Bitcoin in our economic framework. For him, Bitcoin resembles more of a risky adventure than a reliable currency.

Moreover, the swift emergence of this crypto raises crucial questions. People wonder how it will influence the future conception of currency and the nature of wealth in our society.

While some, like Charlie Munger, approach this evolution with reservation, others see it as the dawn of a financial revolution. What is certain is that Bitcoin continues to evoke as much enthusiasm as debate, and only history will determine its place in the grand book of the world economy.

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