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Bitcoin Movements: How to stay profitable despite the roller coaster

Tue 02 Apr 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Luc Jose A.
Getting informed Investissement

Bitcoin recently created a stir by reaching a new all-time high. However, this climb was followed by a significant dip, showcasing the characteristic volatility of this market. This article presents the strategy to adopt to stay on the winning side even when the crypto market is volatile.

Bitcoin : Comment rester en profit malgré les montagnes russes

Bitcoin plunges after reaching a new ATH

Two weeks ago, the crypto community was ecstatic as Bitcoin, in the midst of a bullish trend, shattered its previous ATH. The flagship cryptocurrency crossed the $70,000 threshold before setting its new historical peak at $74,000.

However, since that peak, the asset struggles to maintain its bullish trajectory. The euphoria of the days leading up to this ATH seems to dissipate, giving way to an atmosphere oscillating between caution and excitement among investors.

This caution is partly due to the fear of a panic sell, a phenomenon where investors, fearing an even more significant drop in prices, rush to sell their assets, thereby exacerbating the market’s decline. This behavior can lead to a negative spiral, where the fear of losing prompts more sales, pushing prices even lower. In this context, investors must stay informed, not to succumb to panic, but above all, to make sound decisions.

Automating trades: the lifesaver

In a market as volatile as Bitcoin’s, automating trades stands out as a wise strategy for investors looking to optimize their returns while minimizing risks. The crypto-asset management application Ledgity is one of the best platforms to achieve this automation.

With its Smart Invest feature, Ledgity allows users to automate their cryptocurrency investments, thus offering protection against the market’s unpredictability. This systematic approach helps avoid impulsive decisions, often driven by emotions, that can compromise an investment portfolio’s performance.

Amidst the uncertainties of the markets and emotional biases, the DCA strategy (Dollar-cost averaging) proves to be a reliable compass, allowing for investing with serenity. By spreading the investment over time, it establishes a rational discipline, minimizing the risk associated with timing and facilitating diversified entry points into the financial and crypto markets, regardless of their volatility.

Pierre-Yves Dittlot, Founder and CEO of Ledgity

Automating trades via Ledgity offers several significant advantages. It allows for more disciplined market entry and exit, based on predefined criteria rather than spontaneous reactions to market fluctuations. It also provides the opportunity to capitalize on short-term price movements without requiring constant market monitoring by the investor.

Moreover, Ledgity implements several stringent measures to protect its users’ funds. The platform requires thorough identity verification to create a trusted environment among its users. It also adopts diversified anti-fraud procedures, ensuring the protection of investments against illicit activities. Furthermore, Ledgity employs a crypto custody process based on MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, offering enhanced security for the digital assets of users.

The cryptocurrency market, characterized by its significant fluctuations, exposes investors to a permanent risk of losing funds. Thanks to its innovative Smart Invest feature, designed to mitigate this risk, Ledgity becomes an indispensable ally for investors aiming to secure their crypto investments.

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