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Bitcoin Tsunami! Whales Unleash their Power!

Mon 25 Mar 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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The gusts of wind that signaled the approach of the tsunami first blew in an alarming whisper. Then, it was the explosion: the crypto markets were shaken to their core by a movement of unimaginable violence. The Bitcoin whales have awakened from their long slumber to cast their gargantuan wallets into the arena.

Bitcoin whales

A groundswell harboring profound changes

The magnitude of the phenomenon matches its destabilizing potential. In just a few days, the dormant supply of Bitcoin – those coins that have remained immobile for years in the shadow of institutional wallets – has experienced its most violent wave in two years. A monetary tsunami of exceptional power that does not bode well for the ambient stability.

Although analysts strive to reassure by mentioning “profit-taking” strategies, no one is fooled. For behind these simple words lie capital movements with gigantic consequences for the average investor. By releasing such colossal quantities of Bitcoin onto the markets, the whales inevitably trigger speculative storms of rare intensity.

However, the most worrying aspect may lie in the psychological repercussions of such a shock on the mass of investors. For if even the supposed last-hour “hodlers” give in to the siren calls of quick profits, what can be said about the discipline of small holders faced with the throes of this new stormy sea?

The kingdom of Bitcoin under the shadow of the crypto giants

Beyond the speculative tsunami that this whale surge represents, the very structure of power within the Bitcoin ecosystem is being called into question. By massively selling off from one end of the crypto kingdom to the other, these new megalodons are making the established authorities bow down.

In this week alone, nearly 60% of the whale exchange positions have switched to “long” mode on Bitcoin. A terrifying Bear roller-coaster that crushes the launchpads towards the hypothetical new bullish summits.

What then to say of the additional power they wield by their very presence in the flesh and blood of the derivatives markets? By taking strong positions on these high-leverage instruments, the whales now have the ability to significantly influence the underlying market trends of Bitcoin.

As the seismic shock spreads from failure to failure within the crypto infrastructures, the muted roars of the Bitcoin whales intensify the rhythm. Monetary oil spills, massive distortions of market trends or even threats of structural interference, ominous signs are multiplying without anyone being able to predict the final epicenter of this financial blast.

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