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Bitcoin: Van de Poppe's Dark Predictions!

Sun 19 May 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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Influential crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has just dropped a real bombshell in the Bitcoin world. While the queen of crypto has been showing a nice upward trend these past few days, the Dutchman not only questioned its legendary 4-year cycle but also announced that he was getting rid of all his BTC holdings! A triple whammy that is sure to rock the cryptosphere.

Bitcoin Crypto Van de Poppo Prediction

Bitcoin: The End of the 4-Year Myth? 

It was on his X account (formerly Twitter) that van de Poppe published his rather explosive analysis. Challenging one of the best-established principles within the Bitcoin community, he raised serious doubts about the famous bullish cycle supposedly lasting 4 full years after each halving.

But that’s not all. The expert indeed went as far as to announce that he had sold his entire Bitcoin portfolio! A rather surprising fact, especially in a context where the queen of crypto has shown a nice 3% rise in the past week.

Van de Poppe justifies this decision by his desire to bet on a strategy called “opportunity cost optimization.” In short: temporarily reinvesting in other high-potential cryptocurrencies with the aim of increasing his Bitcoin allocation in anticipation of the next bear market.

Van de Poppe Shockwave

It’s easier to understand why Michaël van de Poppe’s thunderous announcements have had the effect of a real bomb within the Bitcoin ecosystem. His challenge to the 4-year cycle indeed defies the best-established principles of the cryptosphere.

This is a resolutely contrarian stance that is sure to irk convinced bitcoiners. Because if the analyst is wrong, his anathema could well dampen the recent bullish dynamic and, at the same time, hasten the advent of the bleak scenario he foresees. Unless his “off-track” move turns out to be a real stroke of genius…

Of course, there is nothing to support these dark predictions about Bitcoin for the time being. But there’s no doubt that many investors will be extra cautious while waiting to see more clearly.

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