How is Rayn Revolutionizing Financial Management?

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AMF-registered digital asset servicer Automata France, formerly known as Akt.io, embodies the future of financial management. Founded in 2019, the company has undergone a major transformation and now operates under the trade name “Rayn”. Its primary objective is to revolutionize the way individuals in France and Europe manage their savings. Thanks to the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence, Rayn offers an innovative and novel formula for all its customers. In this article, you’ll discover this financial metamorphosis and the innovations put forward by this market player, which is defining the shape of tomorrow’s savings.


Rayn, the Creator of Tomorrow’s Finance

Formerly known as Akt.io, Rayn is an innovative company that has evolved in the world of finance and technology. Founded in 2019, the company has experienced rapid growth, primarily thanks to its use of new technologies and its personalized service offering. Rayn embodies the modernization of savings for individuals in France and Europe. The company’s mission is to focus on savings rather than consumption. The company’s vision is to democratize access to wealth management, offering solutions tailored to all profiles and needs.

Rayn integrates blockchain into its solutions to guarantee greater transparency and security. It innovates and pushes back the boundaries of financial management and savings by offering automated allocations, minimizing risk for savers and adapting the investment strategy to the risk profile of each user.

Rayn is also a constantly evolving company with ambitious plans for the future. It plans to expand its offering in 2024 to include more traditional markets such as equities, ETFs, bonds and precious metals. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative company, which promises to revolutionize finance today and shape the finance of tomorrow.

Rayn’s Strategic Innovation: Merging Blockchain and AI

Rayn’s savings platform aspires to create a complete financial ecosystem combining artificial intelligence and blockchain. The aim being to offer a unique financial experience based on financial freedom and trust.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Rayn offers automated allocations that select the most interesting assets for each user. It also monitors market trends in real time to adjust buy and sell positions. The Autopilot is capable of executing trades to rebalance the Diversified Crypto Portfolio. It analyzes market movements to ensure a level of return while reducing the risk of financial loss, using an algorithm created by experts. Depending on the market, the Autopilot can secure part of the investment by converting it into USDT, a stable crypto, to limit exposure to risk.

Rayn relies on blockchain technology to generate earnings automatically, particularly for the Flex Vault. Indeed, this technology is known for combining power, speed and security. On the one hand, it enables a return to be obtained through the “staking” of PAR tokens on MIMO CAPITAL’s decentralized Ethereum protocol, and on the other hand, it enables the user to receive the rewards associated with the extension and adoption of the Bitcoin network, with a Bitcoin mining program.

Rayn offers tools to guide investments and minimize user risk, positioning itself as a “safety belt” in the volatile world of crypto-currencies. This enables it to democratize access to advanced financial tools for all.

Introducing Rayn’s Offering

Rayn’s offerings give you the opportunity to put your money to work on your projects and achieve financial freedom. Thanks to a simple, comprehensive platform, Rayn combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to reinvent banking services. The aim is to open the doors to financial freedom by offering revolutionary savings products, various investment options, payment cards and three subscriptions to meet every expectation.

Rayn’s savings products

The Flex Vault: “Financial freedom, at last!”

Rayn introduces a product that revolutionizes today’s finance and changes the way we manage our savings. The heart of this innovation is the “Flex Vault“, a savings solution that offers a compound interest rate of up to 6.5%.

This product has been designed to meet the needs of individuals in France and Europe, using state-of-the-art technology. Rayn’s “Flex Vault” relies on the transparency and security offered by blockchain. It enables decentralized decision-making to guarantee total transparency over funds and returns, which can be withdrawn at any time, with no lock-in period.

The Flex Vault is a revolutionary solution whose aim, unlike traditional finance passbooks, is to generate higher returns, with compounded gains. The Flex Vault also offers greater flexibility: users can deposit and withdraw whenever they like. Returns are calculated and credited on a daily basis, so you can enjoy them 365 days a year.

The Blockchain Vault: “Save money with the power of Bitcoin mining”

Rayn offers a revolutionary feature. The Blockchain Vault allows users to gain exposure to Bitcoin mining. This mechanism, known as “Cloud Mining”, raises the capital invested to rent mining power directly from Rayn’s facilities.

Rayn collaborates with Bitmain, one of the world leaders in Bitcoin mining machines. Rayn has the entire Bitcoin mining infrastructure at its disposal, and takes care of the management and handling of the machines right up to the daily interest payments. The company has deployed several mining farms in the UAE, Kazakhstan and soon in Iceland.

The capital invested will be unavailable for a period of 24 months, but daily interest payments are available at any time. Currently, Rayn offers an APR (annual percentage rate) of up to 12% for “non-Ambassador” users and a return of up to 17.8% for “Ambassador” users. Both rates are calculated daily based on factors such as the price of Bitcoin, blockchain activity and the price of electricity.

Rayn’s VISA payment cards

Rayn also offers several VISA cards to enable you smooth and secure transactions with digital assets. This product aims to:

  • encourage savings,
  • value money in ways other than spending it,
  • offer an attractive alternative to consumption.

In line with its philosophy, Rayn is aimed at a wide audience: from novices to experts. The cards can be used to make payments in euros or with one of the 4 cryptocurrencies available: USDT, BTC, AKTIO or ETH at competitive prices, and directly from the savings vaults. Each user can take advantage of Rayn’s high spending limits of up to €30,000 per month and up to €5,000 in monthly withdrawals.

As for security, the card’s pin code can be changed at any time directly from the Rayn application. In case of theft, the card can be immediately blocked.

Rayn subscriptions

As previously stated, financial freedom is Rayn’s main objective, and the project aims to enable everyone to regain control of their money. To meet the needs and expectations of a wide audience, the company offers three different subscriptions. One important point to note: any new user opening an account with Rayn will automatically be enrolled in the “Freedom” subscription.

Subscriptions define access to a multitude of benefits, such as better rates on the staking program, crypto transaction fees, payment and withdrawal limits, fees for non-euro payments, choice of card and banking services.  

The “World” subscription, with its metal VISA card, also enables you to make free SEPA transfers and, for example, to obtain a level of return on AKTIO token staking of up to 15%.

“Elite”, the subscription offering the most advantages with its gold and diamond VISA card, will offer a payment limit of up to €5,000 per month when it becomes available. With this card, you can enjoy free foreign payments in any currency. But that’s not all: this card allows unlimited withdrawals of up to €2,000 per month, and a staking plan for AKTIO tokens of up to 20%. But above all, a dedicated customer service with dispute resolution within 1 hour.

Ambassador status

Ambassador status gives Freedom and World members access to substantial benefits such as higher interest rates on Flex and Blockchain vaults, higher affiliate earnings, lower crypto transaction fees and for Freedom members a 30% discount if they wish to switch to a World subscription.

The subscription defines your withdrawal and payment limits, fees for non-euro payments, choice of cards, staking interest rate and crypto transaction fees.

The Rayn Ecosystem: Revolutionizing Savings Management

Tomorrow’s compliance

Compliance is a priority for Rayn. That’s why Automata France has satisfactorily complied with the LCB-FT obligations and those relating to the good repute and competence of managers and significant shareholders, imposed by the applicable regulations in force. The aim: to comply with all regulatory requirements, both established and forthcoming, notably the European Regulation on cryptoasset markets (or MiCA law). In fact, Automata France SAS (RCS 902 498 617), headed by Rayn CEO Gaël Itier, recently obtained the Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) registration issued by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

Rayn’s Partnerships

Rayn is a key player in the digital finance revolution. It offers everyone, even with a small initial investment, the possibility of benefiting from a diversified, intelligent portfolio driven by artificial intelligence.

The company strengthens its value proposition through partnerships with industry leaders. This guarantees the robustness of its infrastructure and its credibility in the marketplace! As previously stated, the company has chosen to work with Bitmain, one of the world leaders in Bitcoin mining solutions.

When it comes to banking services such as payment cards, transfers and IBAN creation, Rayn has teamed up with Modulr. Modulr is a company authorized and regulated as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), which exclusively provides payment services and, in particular, payment accounts on the Rayn platform.

Through registrations, notably in France and Italy, Rayn has the right to retain assets. In this case, Rayn works with FireBlocks, the world leader in asset custody, and works directly with Revolut, Etoro or BNP, using the MPC (multi-party computation) mechanism to guarantee security. In this case, the key is divided between several people, enabling multi-signature validation. To validate a transaction, all the “subkeys” must agree. It’s important to remember that all user assets are dissociated from the company’s own funds.

Rayn’s partners also include Onfido and Comply Advantage.

Rayn’s Vision: A Future Focused on Innovation

Rayn’s vision is to merge traditional finance with the advantages of artificial intelligence and decentralized finance. It intends to extend its offer to more traditional markets, including :

  • equities,
  • ETFs,
  • bonds,
  • precious metals.

Rayn continues to innovate and expand its product range to offer a comprehensive, high-quality product. The platform aims to satisfy all users, novice or expert, in order to accompany them in this new finance of tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Automata France SAS (RCS 902 498 617) is registered as a digital asset service provider (PSAN) with the French Financial Markets Authority under the number E2023-087.

Please note that investing in digital assets involves the risk of partial or total loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, as digital asset prices are particularly volatile. Do not invest in digital assets if you do not have the financial and technical knowledge relating to such products.

Automata Pay Europe Limited, a company incorporated in Ireland and registered under number 69028, and Automata ICO limited, a company incorporated in Ireland and registered under number 690280, act as outsourced service providers to Modulr Finance B.V., Weteringschans 165 C, 1017 Amsterdam, the Netherlands, an electronic money institution licensed by De Nederlandsche Bank under number R182870.

Payment services, and in particular the provision of payment accounts, are provided exclusively by Modulr Finance B.V.

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