Cardano Dominates Crypto Rankings. Is Bitcoin on the Way Out?

Wed 11 Oct 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.
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The crypto space is a constantly evolving arena, and in the midst of this dynamism, Cardano (ADA) boldly emerges, redefining industry standards.

Crypto: Cardano Rises, Bitcoin in the Trash?

A Technological Triumph Unfolding

Bitcoin paved the way for a crypto revolution, inspiring and stimulating an entire ecosystem of new digital currencies.

Amidst this bustling scene, some cryptocurrencies managed to stand out, not by merely replicating Bitcoin’s success story but by introducing unique innovations and solutions to real-world problems.

At the forefront of this new wave of innovators lies Cardano. Cardano’s rise is no accident.

According to the renowned crypto analytics company Santiment, Cardano has proudly taken the lead in terms of development activity.

This is no small feat, especially considering the crypto space is populated by giants like Ethereum (ETH).

With 611.47 notable commits on GitHub in just one month, Cardano demonstrates an unprecedented fervor and momentum, surpassing many other projects in the crypto sphere.

It’s interesting to note that Cardano was previously surpassed by two other cryptocurrencies: Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM), both highly respected projects.

However, with their 500.67 commits on GitHub, these two are now in second place. This reaffirms Cardano’s dominance in the crypto market.

The Global Crypto Landscape

This excitement around Cardano is not coincidental. Santiment emphasizes that this high development activity often reflects developers’ confidence in the blockchain’s sustainability.

This is a strong signal that new innovative features might soon emerge. In an industry where innovation reigns supreme, this bustling activity hints at a promising future for ADA.

Beyond Cardano, the crypto sector is undergoing fascinating developments. Santiment closely monitors Bitcoin’s supply on exchanges.

With only 5.68% of BTC available on trading platforms, we witness the lowest level in almost six years. This scarcity could mitigate the impact of future sales, suggesting that Bitcoin holders see a long-term future for their investment.

In the crypto sphere, each project has its unique essence and pace. Cardano (ADA) recently made headlines due to its remarkable development activity.

However, despite its progress, the crypto landscape is dominated by giants like Bitcoin, which has stood the test of time.

Cardano, while impressive, still needs to prove its long-term viability. In this intricate blockchain dance, where every innovation is scrutinized, it remains to be seen whether ADA can maintain its pace and establish itself as a lasting pillar of the market. In the meantime, the Binance crypto exchange is changing the game with a significant feature.

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