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Crypto - Switzerland welcomes a blockchain-dedicated incubator!

Thu 15 Feb 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S. Article native advertising
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As we enter 2024, the city of Lugano is making waves in the crypto world by launching an incubator dedicated to blockchain startups with the help of ICP funding. An analysis of an initiative that puts Switzerland on the European blockchain technology map.

Crypto Suisse

Lugano, the new Crypto Valley?

With the support of the Dfinity Foundation and several research institutes, the municipality of Lugano is launching an incubator to attract the most promising Web3 startups. Offering funding in ICP tokens up to $85,000, as well as tailor-made support, the city aims to create an ultra-stimulating ecosystem for crypto projects in Switzerland, with the goal of realizing the most innovative blockchain-related initiatives.

Switzerland already possesses a solid reputation in the crypto and blockchain arena, thanks to the famous Crypto Valley in the Zug and Zurich area. Lugano now aims to become the second Swiss Crypto Valley by focusing on the quality of its incubator dedicated to blockchain technologies and Web3.

The selection committee, made up of experts from Dfinity, the city, and local institutes, has the mission of attracting the best profiles of blockchain startups. The selected projects will benefit from personalized mentoring! This includes workshops and stimulating exchanges to help them realize their Web3 ambitions in the heart of crypto-friendly Switzerland.

With its many advantages, from the quality of life to political stability and tax benefits, Lugano has strong arguments to become THE blockchain and crypto destination in Switzerland. Its cutting-edge incubator could spark interest and attract the finest Web3 crypto gems.

A promising initiative

The bet is bold! But the municipality is not skimping on resources to give its blockchain-dedicated incubator every chance of success. With $1 million available and Dfinity’s expertise in decentralized infrastructures, the potential is real for spawning a new generation of blockchain startups in Lugano, at the heart of crypto-friendly Switzerland.

The Swiss-Italian city clearly intends to ride the wave of Web3 and crypto. It wants to put blockchain technology at the heart of its economic development strategy. By becoming a welcoming land for the most innovative blockchain projects, Lugano could affirm its status as a city at the forefront of the latest crypto innovations.

With the launch of this ambitious incubator dedicated to crypto and blockchain, the city of Lugano is making a strong move to attract Web3 start-uppers from all over the world. The wager is not without risk, but the Swiss municipality is placing all odds in its favour to create the ideal ecosystem in Lugano, enabling the most promising blockchain projects to thrive.

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