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Dogecoin, Bitcoin and NFTs featured in a new episode of Futurama

Thu 10 Aug 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Mikaia A.

After a 10-year hiatus, the team led by Matt Groening, father of The Simpsons, is back in action. Two weeks ago, the American platform Hulu marked the return of the cult series with the broadcast of “The Impossible Stream”. This was followed by “Children of a Lesser Bog” and “How the West Was 101001”, all about bitcoin, cryptos and NFT.

Bitcoins displayed on dead leaves, and a photo of Futurama characters.

Bitcoin, a star in Futurama season 11

Matt Groening hasn’t breathed his last. The man who created The Simpsons, a series featuring such predictions as the election of Donald Trump as POTUS and the $589 ATH for XRP, is still making waves.

As early as the first quarter of 2023, the press echoed the return of Futurama after a 10-year hiatus. If the latest news is to be believed, Hulu kept its promise by broadcasting “The Impossible Stream” on its platform and Disney+ on July 24.

Bitcoin takes the stage in Futurama

According to Cointelegraph, episode 3 of Futurama season 11 tackles the subject of bitcoin. Except that in the episode “How the West Was 1010001”, BTC miners are mocked.

Here’s the story: Futurama’s main characters (Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Hermes and co.) are saddled with debt. The robot mafia forces them to travel west to Crypto Country.

This adventure exposes them to other constraints that currently prevail in the real world. Among them: the environmental challenges of bitcoin, which cannot be separated from the high demand for materials such as thallium (in the series).

In Futurama’s literal Wild West, the quest for “cheap, dirty electricity” is part of everyday life. The aim: to extract blocks of BTC.

This third episode, released on August 6, also highlights bitcoin’s ongoing volatility. In the year 3023, i.e. in 1,000 years’ time, the queen of cryptocurrencies will still not lose its volatile nature.

Other cryptos in the spotlight

Dogecoin also got the red carpet in How the West Was 101001. Collider reports that Elon Musk’s favorite memecoin occupies a very important place in Crypto Contry’s Wild West.

In fact, Futurama granted a scene featuring Fry’s team aboard a covered wagon entering “Doge City”. As they set foot in this crypto city, Professor Farnsworth was quick to extol the virtues of cryptocurrencies. He even tested the “pricelessly toxic Thallium” through his teeth.

In this sequence, the team was confronted with the difficulties of cryptocurrency mining: anarchy, volatility, insecurity, etc. No one reached out to them. The only prospector they spoke to was on a mission to reduce the population of Crypto Country. He died of a heart attack after achieving his goal.

Interviewed by The Economic Times, Claudia Katz promised 20 episodes for Futurama season 11. And this is only the 3rd episode, with the 4th to be released on August 14.

Future Futurama releases are sure to touch on cancel culture, Covid-19, Bitcoin and NFTs.

The Futurama producer also mentioned in this interview that the war against Covid-19 won’t end until 3023. This justifies the existence of an episode on vaccines. This reminds us of an alternative disavowed by the Canadian truckers behind Freedom Convoy. In spite of themselves, they promoted BTC donations.

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