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FED Holds Rates Steady: Uncertainty Surrounds Bitcoin's Future

Thu 13 Jun 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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The United States Federal Reserve (Fed) recently announced the continuation of its monetary policy, with only one rate cut expected for the year. A decision that has significant repercussions on the Bitcoin market. This announcement comes at a time when market participants were expecting multiple rate cuts, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and speculation around the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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The Fed keeps its monetary policy stable!

According to the Fed’s projections, the single rate cut would be a quarter point before the end of the year! Revising down the three cuts anticipated in March. This news had an immediate impact on Bitcoin, as investors adjust their strategies based on monetary policies. This directly influences market liquidity and the cost of capital.

Bitcoin, often considered a safe haven asset or a hedge against inflation, responds sensitively to Fed policy changes. A restrictive monetary policy, like the one currently maintained, tends to strengthen the US dollar! This can put downward pressure on Bitcoin’s price. On the other hand, a rate cut could potentially decrease the dollar’s value and, consequently, make Bitcoin more attractive to investors.

Short and long term outlook for Bitcoin 

The Fed’s announcement coincides with a period of moderate volatility for Bitcoin, suggesting that traders had already priced in some of this news. Bitcoin options expiring soon indicate that the crypto might not see a move above 3% following this decision. This indicates that while the Fed’s decision is crucial, the Bitcoin market might not experience extreme short-term fluctuations.

Furthermore, the long-term implications of this policy for Bitcoin are complex. Historically, Fed rate cuts have often preceded recessions, which could lead to capital rotation out of risky assets like Bitcoin. However, if the Fed starts to cut rates later this year, it could signal a period of slow economic growth, potentially prompting investors to turn to Bitcoin as a store of value.

The Fed’s decision to maintain its stable monetary policy with only one rate cut expected has both direct and indirect implications for the Bitcoin market. Investors should remain vigilant and ready to adjust their portfolios in response to economic developments and monetary policy changes.

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