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Jim Cramer Makes Surprising prediction About Ethereum ETFs!

Thu 29 Feb 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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Following the historic success of the first Bitcoin ETFs, approved by the SEC in January 2024, plans for Ethereum ETFs are also becoming more concrete. Key sector players are pushing to get the green light, while investors are eagerly waiting. Meanwhile, Jim Cramer, the famous American host, is making a rather surprising prediction about these crypto assets.

Ethereum ETF

The Resounding Impact of Bitcoin ETFs

The successful launch of Bitcoin ETFs by giants like BlackRock has encountered massive enthusiasm. In just 38 days, these funds have accumulated the equivalent of 20 days’ worth of bitcoin mining output.

With now over 700,000 bitcoins in their reserves, these ETFs reinforce the belief that the available supply will become scarce. They have acted as a powerful bullish catalyst. What will happen with Ethereum ETFs if they are approved?

Ethereum ETFs, Jim Cramer’s Prediction

Jim Cramer is very optimistic about the imminent approval of Ethereum ETFs by the SEC. This optimism fits into a very positive dynamic for Ethereum at the beginning of 2024. The Grayscale manager and Coinbase exchange are pressing the SEC for a green light.

Many believe the coming arrival of Ethereum ETFs is inevitable, much like Cramer. According to the famous crypto critic, it is clear that an Ethereum ETF will happen very soon.

In the same vein, Standard Chartered Bank even anticipates a surprising growth in the price of Ethereum by May 2024, if these ETFs are approved. Proof if any were needed that expectations are high.

Likely Adoption by Mid-2024

While the SEC has not yet officially decided, many experts believe that approval will take place in 2024. Recognized figures think it’s just a matter of months before Ethereum ETFs hit the market.

This prospect has even led numerous companies to refine their applications to get the go-ahead. Similar to VanEck and Valkyrie, which have filed amended registration forms in this regard.

The dynamic thus seems very favorable for the upcoming adoption of Ethereum ETFs, paving the way for a new era for this crypto. The impact on its price and development could be spectacular.

The anticipation for Ethereum ETFs among investors is indeed palpable, as was the case with Bitcoin prior to its approval. Jim Cramer’s prediction might well come true in light of various indications. However, the SEC holds the cards and could take a few more months before moving forward, or instead, maintain its current stance. Regardless, this product should invigorate the crypto ecosystem if it sees the light of day.

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