Reddit's Investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum: Is Cryptocurrency the New Safe Haven?

Fri 23 Feb 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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According to sources close to the matter, Reddit has made a significant investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum. And this, prior to its planned IPO at the end of February 2024. This bold allocation of part of its cash reserves in crypto reflects the company’s ambitions for decentralization.

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Bitcoin & Ethereum, a Strong Strategic Choice  

By betting a part of its treasury on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Reddit shows an appetite for risk. The asset allocation of a publicly-traded company is usually cautious, in risk-free vehicles like government bonds.

The choice of Bitcoin and Ethereum, extremely volatile assets, is thus highly unusual. But it is in line with Reddit’s long-standing decentralization vision, which seeks to break free from the control of web giants and traditional finance.

This investment also sends a positive signal to the crypto community, which is very present on Reddit. It demonstrates the company’s confidence in the long-term potential of blockchain and digital currencies.

A Risk Reddit Is Willing to Take

Indeed, in the event of a crypto crash, this asset allocation could cost Reddit dearly. But the company seems willing to take this gamble on the future, however risky it may be.

It accepts the fact that it is not playing it safe like most companies going public, which primarily seek to reassure investors. Reddit prefers boldness and disruption, true to its origins as an atypical startup.

Remember that Reddit has recently filed with the SEC for its IPO. The company will be represented on Wall Street under the symbol “RDDT”.

Whatever the outcome of this bet, this decision reflects Reddit’s deeply libertarian DNA, more guided by its convictions than financial conformity.

A Crypto-Compatible Philosophy

To understand this iconoclastic choice, one must return to the ideological roots of Reddit. The site was founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, early advocates for a free and decentralized internet.

Their libertarian beliefs explain the community-based, anti-authoritarian, and transparent operation of Reddit. Moderators are volunteers who receive no top-down directives. A philosophy similar to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) made possible by blockchain and crypto.

The investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum aligns with this vision of an open digital infrastructure, free from any central authority. A vision that coincides perfectly with the emancipation promises of blockchain and crypto.

With this crypto-friendly coup, Reddit asserts its ambition to build a sustainable alternative to centralized social networks like Facebook. True to its roots, the social network embraces this bold choice that reflects its decentralizing vision. And this, through the investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Reddit thus positions itself as a pioneer in the convergence between blockchain and social networks, for a more democratic and community-oriented future.

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