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SEGA at the heart of the revolution: Web3 games on the rise

Mon 10 Jul 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.
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The skies over the digital world are decked out in flamboyant colors as the specter of the Web3 revolution rises. The gaming industry, an insatiably vast universe, is not indifferent to this growing phenomenon. Sega, the Japanese video game titan, is about to immortalize its name in this new era, by announcing its very first blockchain-based game.


A new era of gaming: Sega’s introduction to Web3

The horizon of Web3 is growing richer with the arrival of a new star. Sega, the Japanese firm behind such successful franchises as Sonic the Hedgehog, Yakuza, Phantasy Star and Virtua Fighter, is venturing resolutely into this new digital territory.

The project is ambitious: 12 non-mobile games in the pipeline. But the real surprise is this bold entry into the Web3 universe.

The first born of this initiative will be “Sangokushi Taisen”, a renowned title from the Web2 era, successfully transmuted into the Web3 matrix.

Sangokushi Taisen promises to repeat this triumph in its new version. This strategy game, in which each participant builds his or her deck in three minutes before engaging in automatic battle, is due to hit our screens by the end of 2023.

A journey guided by renowned partners: the role of blockchains in development

Sega’s boat is not sailing alone in the uncharted waters of Web3. The company is accompanied by renowned partners such as Square Enix, Bandai Namco and Line.

Game development is handled by double jump Tokyo, specialists in blockchain-based games. Navigation is facilitated by Oasys technology, a decentralized blockchain specifically designed for gaming platforms, which promises a total absence of gas charges.

This is not Sega’s first journey into blockchain territory. The gaming giant has already proved itself with the launch of an NFT collection last May, overseen by Yu Suzuki, creator of Virtua Fighter and Shenmue.

Towards a future dominated by Web3 games

With Sega, a gaming giant has embarked on the Web3 path. This is further proof of the immense potential of this new technology to revolutionize the industry.

Web3 represents the future of gaming, a world where players are at the heart of the ecosystem. Indeed, they truly own the digital assets they buy or win. What’s more, centralization is no longer the norm.

The Web3 wave is still rolling in, swallowing up archaic and outdated practices to give birth to a fairer, more democratic gaming universe. Sega’s promise, with the release of Sangokushi Taisen, marks a turning point in this evolution. Only time will tell what other surprises this new era of video games has in store for us.

Beyond the excitement that each new announcement brings, it’s important to think about the impact these developments will have on the way we play and interact with digital worlds. What do you think of Sega’s next game? What are your expectations for the future of Web3 gaming? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion. After all, you’re shaping the future of gaming and Bitcoin with the era of Sats Names.

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