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Sponsored content

This type of content helps brands, organizations or projects in their communication and marketing approach. Whether it is to gain visibility, improve brand image, develop a community or simply inform readers about something new. Cointribune remains a source of proposals and assists its partners in defining a strategy to meet the expectations and objectives of the campaign.

The articles produced within the framework of these partnerships always respect specific editorial guidelines in order to satisfy our readership. There is no investment advice, the content aims to be as neutral as possible. The goal of the media is to offer natural content rather than invasive advertising.

Naturally, as required by law, all such content will be marked as follows: “Sponsored”.

Rather than having our readers think it is just an advertisement, the editorial teams always strive to make the content as interesting as possible. This helps build brand image, credibility and, most importantly, trust. Thanks to this support, Cointribune offers interesting content to its readers and tailor-made for all its partners.


It is essential for the media to remind all its readers that the opinions, comments and ideas expressed in the articles are solely those of the author. They are not professional or legal data. Coinmedia cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information on the Cointribune website. The company cannot be held responsible for any damage that may result from its use. All editorial teams are aware of the fact that the source(s) used within each content should always be highlighted.

Press Release

Press releases are a specific communication channel. Companies use this method to share and transmit information about themselves to journalists and media.

Cointribune carefully selects relevant content to share with its readers. Partners can use this channel to achieve the goals of a campaign, while respecting the editorial guidelines.


Within the framework of its support for certain projects, organizations or communities, the media establishes partnerships in the interest of its readers. Coinmedia offers its know-how to meet goals in terms of exposure or community support, for example. Cointribune’s teams always strive to select projects that are interesting for the readers and that contribute to the development of this new Web3 world.

Cointribune works in this area to support the blockchain and Web3 communities around the world. Moreover, the media also chooses to support entities such as NGOs or non-profit organizations in order to bring them more visibility.

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are represented by links highlighted with buttons or banners on the website. These are the result of a partnership between Cointribune and an organization or a project. When a user registers using an affiliate link, Cointribune receives a small commission. This allows our readers to directly support the media in order to support its growth. Cointribune always strives to find the best partnerships for its readers in order to offer relevant and innovative products to its community.