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These 5 events will shake up the crypto universe in April!

Tue 02 Apr 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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April promises to be rich in significant developments for the crypto sector. With key events involving industry giants, regulators, and major virtual currencies, the market is trembling with anticipation. Let’s discover the 5 hottest events that could potentially shake the crypto markets.


US Inflation Data and the FED’s Rate Cuts 

The explosive US inflation figures revealed on April 10th will upheave markets. Indeed, these statistics will guide the Federal Reserve’s (FED) strategy on rates. Consequently, any inflationary or deflationary surprises will trigger intense stock market fluctuations. Although it’s seen as uncorrelated, crypto will not be an exception. Therefore, crypto investors will keenly monitor these crucial data. Because any unexpected deviation from forecasts will result in inevitable erratic jumps in virtual currency prices. In short, this macroeconomic bomb with potentially devastating repercussions will captivate widespread attention

The Highly Anticipated Bitcoin Halving for this April

Probably between the 19th and 21st of April 2024, the Bitcoin halving will disrupt the balances. Indeed, this quadrennial event will drastically reduce miners’ rewards. Historically, these halvings have been powerful bullish triggers. As such, many experts predict another spectacular surge in the price of crypto. Because the slowed supply will mechanically cause a scarceness of bitcoin. However, other voices dispute this presumed impact, considering it already factored in.

The SEC vs Coinbase Trial

On April 19th, the confrontation between Coinbase/SEC will reach its peak tension. Indeed, both parties must reach a crucial agreement by this pivotal date. Otherwise, an interminable legal battle will inevitably ensue and the consequences for the crypto ecosystem will remain undetermined. Thus, a negotiated outcome would alleviate the ongoing regulatory tensions. On the other hand, a legal escalation would sow deep mistrust among investors.

The Hearing of Binance’s Crypto Exchange CEO

On April 30th, all eyes will turn to the decisive hearing of Binance’s head. Indeed, the outcome will determine Changpeng Zhao’s legal fate. Despite the opacity surrounding the exact charges, the stakes are high since Binance is a pivotal player in crypto trading. Therefore, an unfavorable verdict would profoundly shake confidence in the platform. However, some analysts hope that a lenient resolution could help to restore its image. Whatever happens, this event will definitely focus general attention.

The Launch of EigenLayer on the Ethereum Network 

Toward the end of April, the explosive launch of EigenLayer will challenge established conventions. Indeed, this smart contract solution is already making a significant noise. Some consider it to be a revolutionary potential “Ethereum 2.0”. In contrast, others temper these hopes, warned by previous failures. Nevertheless, a wave of enthusiasm will inevitably sweep through the crypto community.

In summary, let’s note that April 2024 will mark a major turning point for the crypto sector. Intense speculative jolts, chaotic earthquakes in prices, and profound shifts in industry balances are to be expected. Additionally, we should prepare for a range of disruptive and explosive events. These events will undoubtedly leave lasting marks within the global crypto ecosystem.

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