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Trump Re-election: Standard Chartered Predicts a Springboard for Bitcoin

Wed 08 May 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.

The prospect of a Donald Trump reelection in 2024 could be the boost Bitcoin has been waiting for. According to analysts at Standard Chartered Bank, a second term for the 45th U.S. President could transform the regulatory landscape into a true launchpad for the king of cryptos.

Bitcoin donald trump

A Wind of Regulatory Change

Imagine a world where the White House becomes the biggest fan of Bitcoin. That’s a picture a renewed Trump administration could very well draw.

Known for bold decisions, the prospect of Trump taking the reins again could mean significant regulatory easing. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see some late-night Tweets boosting the crypto market!

Under Trump, the SEC could change its face and tactics. Less relentless litigation? Maybe not as frequent.

After all, a climate favorable to businesses and innovation has often been a rallying cry for his administration. For Bitcoin, this could mean fewer obstacles and more surges.

The impact of such change would not be limited to American borders. Bitcoin, with its status as a borderless currency, could benefit from a less encumbered international expansion.

With fewer restrictions, the path would be clear for even wider adoption, sending its value soaring dramatically.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Dollar

Trump has never hidden his skepticism towards certain international agreements and economic blocs like the BRICS. His preference for strengthening the dollar could paradoxically benefit Bitcoin, used as a tool for diversification against the volatility of traditional currencies.

Although Trump has claimed not to own any Bitcoin, he recognizes its growing influence. In a delicate balance between support for the dollar and openness to cryptocurrencies, he could embody the leader who is not afraid to link financial technology and politics.

Bitcoin could find itself at the heart of monetary policy debates. With a less orthodox approach, the administration could use Bitcoin to bolster the international stance of the dollar, or conversely, as an alternative in economic conflicts.

The 2024 election could be not just a repeat of 2020 but a real turning point for Bitcoin. In the hands of Trump, the regulatory framework could be redefined, giving Bitcoin a prominent place in the global economy. If the past is prologue, the crypto sector could be on the verge of experiencing its brightest hours. Get ready, the show is just beginning despite the plunge!

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