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Altme is leading the charge to bring compliance in the Web3 ecosystem

Tue 28 Feb 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Theia P. Press Release
Getting informed Crypto regulation

[Paris, FRANCE] – Altme, a leading provider of Self-Sovereign Identity solutions (also known as Decentralized Identity), announces its conformity with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), backed by the European Commission and 29 European countries. 

Altme announces its conformity with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, backed by the European Commission and 29 countries. 

A compliance in line with the evolution of the European regulation regarding crypto assets

As the growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and crypto assets continues to attract governments’ attention, Altme is poised to play a crucial role by providing a regulation compliant wallet that supports official e-documents for authentication and ID verification checks in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Altme wallet, officially available on the iOS and Google Play stores since 2022, is one of the first crypto wallets to fully support digital assets and digital identity. By becoming EBSI conformant, Altme provides its users with the ability to easily store, manage and share official digital ID documents, such as e-diplomas and ID cards. 

The EU crypto regulatory landscape is rapidly evolving, and Altme is ahead of the curve, already compliant with regulations such as the “Travel Rule” (TFR) and MiCA, which will affect all crypto transactions within the EU starting 2024. 

This announcement opens the door for millions of European users to leverage their data for secure authentication and verification checks, in the blockchain ecosystem while protecting their privacy and personal data.

Rethinking digital identity in the Web3 age

With its user-friendly interface and privacy-preserving features, Altme wallet offers a game-changer solution for secure, regulation compliant, and trusted transactions. 

This new generation of crypto identity wallet is going to enable a new web experience based on trust, ownership and privacy by giving people and organizations direct control over how, when and where their personal information is shared. 

“Altme is excited to be part of the European Commission vision for building a trustworthy digital environment”, says Hugo MIR, Chief Marketing Officer at Altme. “Web 3 needs compliance, and decentralized identity solutions like Altme will play a key role to improve trust and ensure bad actors are kept out.”

About Altme

Altme is a leading provider of Decentralized Identity solutions for Web 3. Altme wallet already supports Tezos crypto assets and is conformant with the EU regulation and futur digital identity standard build on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) :  

Press contact :

Hugo MIR, CMO / [email protected]  

About European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)

Supported by the European Commission and 29 European countries, EBSI aims to create a cross-border, trustworthy digital environment through blockchain and decentralized identity technology :

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