Bitcoin halving: Towards a $150k surge, according to Pantera Capital

Thu 03 Aug 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.

The powerful current of technological evolution, financial confidence and the eternal crypto cycle intertwine in a whirlwind of opportunity. Dan Morehead, at the helm of Pantera Capital, contemplates the radiant horizon, ready to decipher the signs of this elusive future. Next port of call? A $150k bitcoin.

Bitcoin halving prediction

Bitcoin: heading for more favorable territory

The Bitcoin price is characterized by a fluctuating value trend akin to a pendulum in motion. Its price fluctuates between impressive peaks and often unexpected troughs.

In an environment marked by the uncertainty of decentralized finance, Captain Morehead’s letter stands out. Addressed to his loyal investors, it shines with optimism, like a beacon in the night. Entitled “The Seventh Bullish Cycle”, this correspondence inspires hope.

Indeed, after a harsh crypto winter that is drawing to a close, it brings a comforting warmth. It warms souls once chilled by the winter storm.

Navigating the storm of volatility is never easy. The crypto market, prone to irrational exuberance, can quickly turn to icy pessimism. Morehead, drawing on his experience of the last four crypto winters, highlights bitcoin’s upward trajectory.

He points to an annual 2.3-fold increase in its value over the past decade. For this veteran of the cryptosphere, the shore of price declines is now far behind. Indeed, the next bull cycle is on the horizon, like a promised land in sight.

The lure of a bright horizon: halving and ETFs

The journey towards $150k is mapped out by two shooting stars: the launch of a bitcoin-related ETF, envisaged by the giant BlackRock, and the forthcoming halving of the Bitcoin network, scheduled for April 2024.

The Bitcoin ETF, like a compass for institutions and individuals, would facilitate investment by avoiding the reefs of specialized exchange platforms. BlackRock, like a beacon of trust, is already shining a brighter light on digital gold: since announcing its intention to launch an ETF, bitcoin has climbed 25%.

As for the halving, it’s acting like a rising tide, reducing miners’ rewards and potentially creating a shortage of available bitcoins, driving up the price.

Towards clearer skies

The situation may still be foggy, but Pantera Capital is sailing with determination.

Bitcoin hovers around the $29,000 mark, but could be poised to reach new heights. Bitcoin’s rise to $150,000 seems a bold prediction, but it’s based on the anticipation of these two major events.

Pantera Capital’s prediction charts a bold course, but the journey to $150k bitcoin could well be worth the detour. The sea of the digital economy is vast and tumultuous, but with the right crew and a reliable compass, even the farthest horizon can be reached. As for Robert Kiyosaki, he anticipates Bitcoin’s ascent to the $120,000 mark.

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